Friday, September 30, 2005

well it was nice knowing you all..

I just wanted to warn you that i might not be around much longer. I made a couple of comments on my mom's site and I think that when i see her tomorrow she might kill me. So it has been nice knowing you all. I hope you can all make it out to my funeral.

Anyways, I just got home from work. So that means that I am offically on vacation for the next 5 days. I am going to go take Gracie to see my mom tomorrow. And me and my mom are going out shopping for my birthday. Just remember to go over to my sister's site on Monday and wish her a happy birthday as well. I wish that she could be home so that we could share our birthday together but I know that she is doing what she has to do in order to get home in a timely manner.

So if you come to my site on Monday, i will just appoligize now. I might be a little sentimental and weepy on Monday and you might get a nice post that will make you cry. But I miss my sister and wish she could be here to share our birthday. Especially an important birthday like turning 21. I wish she could be home to celebrate that milestone. I don't really care about my birthday. I am just going to be plain old 23. Nothing important or special about that. See that weepyness is starting already.

Well, I just wanted to say that it was nice knowing you. If you don't hear from me for the next five days then please call the police! JUST KIDDING! My mom wouldn't really kill me! Anyways, I will blog more tomorrow morning and then I probably won't blog again until tomorrow night. I will let you all know how the day with my mother went. See you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful night/Saturday!

SPF and more!

Wow two fridays in a row I am participating in SPF! Aren't you so proud of me? Anyways...

Katy wanted us to show pictures of us coming and going. Well, she is just going to have to deal with what i got because:
1.) I live around a bunch of crazy college students. So there was no way I was taking a picture outside because of the bazillion beer bottles and cigarette butts lying around. And...
2.) The outside of my apartment just doesn't look very good.

So I took pictures of me standing in front of both of my entrances. So this will have to do! Of course you know that I have to include Gracie in my SPF! And you thought that you were going to get one cat-free post! Well you were wrong!

This is me and Gracie by the patio door, my husband took these pics so sorry about the poor quality. If I would have done it myself it would have been better:This is picture of me and Gracie standing in front of the front door. My hubby thought it would be funny to take a crooked picture. What a dork:
And here are some pics of Gracie playing/sleeping by the patio door. This was before we found out that she was sick. So that is why she is looking tired:

Oh and if you didn't notice. Yes, Gracie is wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes collar. I wouldn't have it any other way. She is obviously an OSU fan (and a spoiled brat). She has been one from day one:

Okay does anyone notice either of two things:
1.) my hips are freaking huge and...
2.) I look like my mother (if you haven't seen pics of her recently you probably wouldn't notice that one) SCARY!

Well, today is my last day of work and then i am on VACATION for 5 whole days. So i will be blogging more within the next 5 days. See you all later! Have a wonderful day! Oh and if you get a chance go over to my mom's site!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Much to Update on

Okay where to start...
Well, Tuesday morning I got work up at 4:20 by the sound of a ringing phone. That would be 4:20 a.m. not 4:20 p.m. So I tried to get up to get it but the hubby beat me to it. Mostly because we couldn't tell where the phone was at. So he picks it up and starts talking away. I eventually figured out that it was Michelle. So I was trying to get him to hurry up so that I could talk to her. Well, finally he says "Well, she is still asleep." What? I am not asleep. So he hands the phone to me and Michelle says "Hello" We talk for a little bit about how she is doing and then she tells me "Hey I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday in case I don't get a chance to call you on Monday." So I tell her happy birthday as well. She said she might not be able to call because she is going out on a mission that could take them up to 10 days to complete. It will also take them through a very bad part of the country, which I am not going to say because I am not sure if I am allowed to say. So please just pray for her and the rest of her unit. If you didn't already hear about it. A couple of weeks ago when she went back out on the road for the second time, they were travelling with another unit. The truck behind them, which was carrying members from another unit, hit and VBIED and it killed on of the soldiers in the truck. I am sure that had to have been hard for Michelle and probably brought back alot of memories, but she is still "truckin'" along (no pun intended). Michelle actually sounded really good on the phone. She said that they had an awards ceremony on Monday evening (our time) and said that she got pinned. I asked her what went on and she explained the following:

She said that a four star general came and pinned her with her purple heart and that she recieved a couple of coins from other commanders and generals. She said that it was kind of a bittersweet thing because she realized what happened in order for her to recieve that purple heart. She said she would have rather given the purple heart back in order to have Gavin back. She said that she was also embarrased the whole day because the generals and everyone made her walk around with them all day. Then when it was time to eat lunch they made her go to lunch with them. She said she just wanted to eat her lunch at the end of the table, by herself, no conversation, and get up and leave, but instead they made her sit in between them and she had to talk to them forever and she said it just really embarrased her. I told her it was all a small price to pay for being pinned with such a special award. I also told her that Gavin would have been proud of her and that she just needed to remember that she got her purple heart because Gavin protected her. She seemed to feel a little bit better about the whole thing.

I am so proud of this girl. She has been through a lot and just keeps on going. She had to option of doing office work for the rest of the time she is over there and she chose to go back out on the road. It just amazes me how much ambition this girl has. I am proud to call her my sister. If you get a chance go over to her site and send her well wishes. Also, if you remember, go there on Monday and wish her a Happy 21st Birthday! Yep that's right people, me and my sister share a birthday. We were born on October 3rd. Only we were born two years apart. So if you remember stop by her site on Monday and wish her a happy birthday.

Okay what else...

Oh yes, yesterday I talked with my older sister Amber. She had a doctors appointment yesterday and found out that her actually due date it February 28th. Apparently they know what the sex of the baby is. Well, correction, Amber didn't want to know so the doctor only gave her ultrasound pics of the head and feet and stuff like that. Her hubby wants to know what it is, so the doctor gave Amber and sealed envelope that contains the ultrasound picture that shows the sex of the baby. Now I am just praying that her hubby can keep his mouth shut until after the baby is born. I don't want to know what it is as does the rest of the family. That is mostly why Amber doesn't want to know because she knows that she wouldn't be able to keep a secret long enough. I am kind of leaning towards it being a boy but, who knows, i have been wrong before. Although when Amber was pregnant with Alexis I kind of had a feeling that she was having a girl. Mostly because i could come up with a bunch of girl names and no boy names. This time it is the opposite. I can come up with boy names but not any girl names. I came up with the name Emerson Brian if she has a boy. We will see if she uses it or not. So let's just hope that Alexis gets the brother that she has been asking for and that Amber's hubby can keep his mouth shut until the baby pops out!

Yesterday, being my only day off, I planned to relax and do nothing for the whole day. Well, that didn't quite happen. I spent most of my day worrying about my kitten. Tuesday night when I came home, I noticed that Gracie's right eye (if you are looking from behind her) was swollen. I had made a vet appointment for today at the Airway Animal Clinic a couple of days ago and was just planning on waiting until Friday to take her to see a vet. Well, yesterday when I woke up, her eye was looking real bad. So the hubby decided that we should make a vet appointment for yesterday for her and just cancel the one for Friday(which reminds me that I forgot to do that). So we made an appointment for Gracie at the Piqua Animal Hospital. So my husband didn't have to be at work until late in the afternoon and because of certain circumstances, he decided to take the cat to the vet. Which I am glad that I didn't go. The poor kitty had to have to temperature taken in a place where no one likes to have their temperature taken. She had to have blood drawn to check for Feline Leukemia (which she doesn't have). She had to have saline solution sprayed into her eye and medicane gunk put into her eye which she didn't like either. So the verdict was exactly what I thought it was. My little miss Gracie has kitty pink eye. Now don't start freakin' out. It isn't contagious. Her eye looks a lot better today since she has had two doses of the medication. The hubby won't put the stuff in her eye because you have to take this tube that look like an Orajel tube (with the little needle thing on the end) and stick it up inbetween her eye lid and eye ball. She sqwirms when you do this and cries. It is so sad. But it has to be doen in order for her to get better. Then starting today at 6:00 p.m she has to have .25 mL of medication given to her orally. I don't know how she will take that but the hubby gets to do that one since I will be at work and the doc said not to start until 6:00 p.m today. She has to have that done twice a day, so I will probably give her the next dose before I go to bed. So the kitty had a rough day yesterday and I was stressed out waiting for a phone call from the hubby to find out what was wrong with Gracie. In 4 weeks I have to make an appointment to get her vaccinations done. Oh what fun. This time I will be present for the needle sticking. So just pray for little Gracie, that she will get over her pink eye soon. The good thing is she is a little more active now. When we first got her she would play and run and eat all the time. But for the past four days she would barely eat, she would drink fine, she quit playing and she would just lay around and sleep all day. Now that she has been to the vet she is a little more playful (not quite back to her normal self) and she is eating a little more. So I feel better now.

Well, now that I have completely bored you all, I am going to get going. This post is getting too long. I will post some pics later. But for now I must leave. I got two more days of work (today and tomorrow) and then I am on vacation until next Thursday! Yes, you read that right. I work today and tomorrow and then I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Me and Michelle's birthday), Tuesday and Wednesday OFF! THANK FREAKIN' GOD! That place is starting to drive me nuts! So I will post pics later. Until then... have a wonderful Thursday!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Are you sick of it yet?

So tell me...are you sick of posts about my new kitten yet? Well, if you are TO DANG BAD! I can't tell you how much I love having the little booger around. We are giving her the offical nickname of attention whore. Why? Because she follows me around all day when I am home whining at me until I pick her up so she can fall asleep on my lap/shoulder/neck/anywhere uncomfortable for me at the time. And when I am gone she picks on my husband until he plays with her. So that is how she got her nickname. She thrives off of attention which I guess I am mostly to blame for that one because I have this thing spoiled rotten. We had to go out yesterday and get a spray bottle so we can work on training her not to do certain things and I just can't bring myself to spray her with water. My husband did it to her twice last night because he doesn't like her lunging at him to get on his lap. I thought it was mean but my husband thought it was necessary. I am guessing that this is why we still don't have children.

Last night we went out and got Gracie a thing called a "Kitty Barn". While she has played with it a little, she is still fascinated by her stuffed mouse toy tied to a shoestring. When placed close to the "Kitty Barn" she will jump all over the "Kitty Barn" to pounce on the toy. She also drags the toy through the "Kitty Barn". You can't see the mouse toy in the pictures because she mostly plays with the end of the shoestring that is not attached to the mouse. The mouse it basically a distraction because it has a bell on it. So whenever she pulls on the shoestring she hears the bell and goes nuts!

Anyways, Gracie has this thing about if no one is around to show her attention. She will go and hide underneath the blankets on our bed. Yes, she crawls all the way underneath the blankets and hides until someone comes to find her. So this morning, the hubby was away at work and I was in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom this is what I saw...

If you look closer you can see that it is Gracie hiding underneath the blankets with her head poking out just enough to be seen....

If you look real close you get the following picture. Now tell me how can you say no to a face like this...I swear this kitten is going to be a model one day!

Michelle wants my kitten but I don't know. The hubby is starting to get attached to her as well. Michelle- you can come over and visit Gracie anytime you want. When I need a kitty sitter I will definetly let you know :)

Well, I got to get ready to go to work! See you all on Monday! (where I am sure there will be more cute Gracie pictures for you all!)

Friday, September 23, 2005


Okay I know it is a little late to be posting this. But my morning was filled so I had to wait until after I got home from work to post my SPF portrait! So here it is.... My kitchen!
Here is a view of it from the laundry room at the back of the kitchen...
And here the cabinet that has Gracie's cat toy hanging on it. This is below the sink..notice I will not show you the sink. Why? well, because it is a mess that's why...
And here is Gracie's "kitchen"...
So there you go. There is my SPF. A little late but at least it is done :) See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Introducing the new additon to my family

Well, now that almost everyone knows, I guess I can now tell the rest of you. I am proud to announce that I am...

the proud owner of the cutest kitten ever! Yes as part of my birthday present, my husband got me a kitten. It was free which makes it better. It's name is Gracie, yes it"s a girl. This thing absolutely loves me as well. Whenever it wants to take a nap it will come and find me and purr until I pick it up. She loves to sleep on me and she even follows me around the house some! Right now I am having to blog one handed because she is sleeping on me and Gracie doesn't like it when I take my one hand away from her. As seen here...I just got out of bed so ignore the hair! Just look at the cuteness of the sleeping kitty!

Here is a picture of the two of us taking a nap together yesterday after we got home at 11:30 at night...

And here is a close up of the cutest kitten ever! Welcome home Gracie!Isn't she just the cutest thing ever! Now all I have to do it get her shots, declawed and spayed/nuetered (requirement of our apartment complex)! But none of that will happen until she is a little bit older. She is only a couple of weeks now. Right now i just have to worry about shots.

Oh and if you look closley in the first couple of pictures you can see that I got a hair cut as well yesterday! Man yesterday was a good day!

Well, I have to go get ready for work now. I don't want to leave my little Gracie but it must be done for now! Hope you all enjoyed looking at my newest addition as much as I enjoy having her around! See you all tomorrow for SPF...yes, I am going to play Self Portrait Friday this week! Surprised? Yeah so am I! See you all later!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I am still alive...

For those of you wondering, yes, I am still living. I haven't felt like blogging much lately and I haven't had much to blog about. But I decided that I would stop by today to say that I am doing okay. No need to worry about me. I am just fine, just lazy. I am really busy with work and teaching Sunday School and Wednesday night AWANA's. So there hasn't been much time to get my blogging in. Also, with my birthday coming up (October 3rd, same as Michelle's), my husband has decided to give me one present a week until my birthday. I got my first present last week and it was the complete first season of CSI on DVD!!!!! Oh, I was so thrilled to get that! That is my favorite show. I am not to thrilled with CSI-MIAMI and CSI-NEW YORK. I like the original, plus George Eads is hot! You know the guy who plays Nick. And for those of you who do not know who I am talking about here is a little bit of eye candy for you...Can't get much hotter than that! Dang he is good looking. If only i were a few years older and not married...

Oh are still here? Sorry I was daydreaming. Anyways...George Eads is hot and so i have been spending a lot of time watching CSI on DVD. I am just starting disk five! yeah, it is the only thing that I have been watching for the last week! Other than that i haven't been up to much.

I took my mom out for lunch today! It was for her birthday. I know that her birthday was in August but neither of us had time until today to do it. It was nice. I was also trying to help her upload pics to her blogsite but her computer was being a piece of junk so we will have to work on that some other day. Hopefully tomorrow! Umm....let's see...anything else.....oh YES...
GEORGE EADS IS HOT! (Just had to add that in there again)! Well, that is all i have for now. I will try to update more later.

FCC@V-You need to email me your address. I sent you a card and it got sent back to me. So if you could email me your address that would be great. I don't want you to think that I forgot about you. Just that your card got sent back to me. I think I might have wrote your addy down wrong. So whenever you get a chance email me your addy!

talk to everyone later! Have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I know...I KNOW!

I haven't posted in a while. I haven't really had time. Hubby started school today (YEAH!). Seriously it feels like sending a kid off to school after having them running around the house all summer. I am sad that he isn't going to be home as much and that i am barely going to see him but, i am glad that he isn't going to be spending hours and hours in front of the computer everyday!

I am getting ready to go pick up my niece. Since i don't have to work today or tomorrow, my niece is coming to stay the night with me. I will take some pictures and post them up here to show you all how our time went. She has been begging her mom to come and stay with me for weeks and this week I finally got a chance to have her over. She was so excited that she called my mom and had to tell her all about it. I can't wait to have the little booger over, i miss her soooooo much.

In exciting news..... I was cleaning out the fish tank today (I know doesn't sound exciting but hold on). I took everything out of it in order to really clean it. I stressed the fish out a little but they will be okay. One fish got stressed out more then the rest of them. As I was putting all the plants back into the tank I felt water hit me in the nose. I didn't really think anything about it until i noticed that there were only 7 fish in the tank. where was the 8th one? I thought maybe he had got squashed by some of the plants that i had thrown in there. So I took everything Rasbora. Then i realized that that water that had hit me in the nose early did seem a little hard. So i start freaking out!!! What if the fish jumped out of the fish tank? Can Rasbora's even do that? OH MY GOD it has been like 3 minutes. Do you think he would still be alive? Holy hell...what if he is dead? Where did he go?

So I start searching the floor and surely enough there he was flipping around underneath a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor. So i pick him up and just throw him back in the tank.....please still be alive....please still be alive.....oh my gosh he's got fuzz from the carpet on him. So i take him out and put him in the little reserve tank and get the fuzz off of him and stick him back in the big tank. Where so far, so good. He is still alive. He is actually acting like nothing ever happened to him. I just hope I don't wake up to find him dead! I was seriously freaking out about it. He freaking could have died! I will give everyone an update on him later and let you know how he is doing!

In other news... head over to Thunder 6's site. His site is titled 365 and a Wake Up. This guy is currently serving in Iraq and I have been reading his blog for some time now. We got really freaked out when he didn't post for like a month. But anyways, this guy is an excellent writer. His blogs are always good. I don't think I have ever read a bad one. On September 3rd he posted a really excellent post about a Roadblock. It really makes you understand that not every Iraqi thinks that us American's are mean and evil. There are actually some Iraqi's who would risk getting in trouble with the AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces) in order to save our soldiers from death. When I read this post I was just blown away by what this community did to keep Thunder 6 and the rest of his unit from getting killed! Hopefully they didn't get in too much trouble. So go over and check out this post. It will warm your heart to read about Iraqi's working together to help protect our soldiers!

So that is all for today. Know that everything is well here. I haven't heard from Michelle since my last phone conversation but I am sure that she is doing just fine. I am trying to stay positive about everything and not worry about her too much. I just pray for her every night because I have realized that only God can watch over her. There is nothing that I can do that is going to keep her from getting hurt or not getting hurt. The only thing that I can do is send up a prayer for her and just keep trusting that she knows what she is doing and that she will be JUST FINE!! I am so freaking proud of her! Just pray for her as well!

Friday, September 02, 2005

I almost forgot

I almost forgot that today is SPF. Yes, Self Portrait Friday. So I need to get my pictures posted up. We are supposed to show everyone where we do our relaxing, watch our t.v, whatever. So here it is...

This is my very messy living room! This is picture of the couch where i do my t.v watching (very rarely anymore)

This is my t.v

Yes, there are shot glasses up there. Can you tell that i have no children?

This is me doing my television watching...

Anymore, instead of watching t.v I am playing around on my new computer. I am addicted to this game called World of Warcraft. This is my character....

This is me playing WoW...

Yes, I got a new computer. Hubby decided that it was time because he is tired of having to fight to get to the computer before i do. So we went from this...

To this...

So there you go guys. Hope you enjoyed Self Portrait Friday. I am going to have to get my mom in on these!

Now go over to Katy's site and see who else played!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Just wanted to wish my parents a happy 26th wedding anniversary. My mom said that she read my post about her birthday I think I might be dead later. So I just wanted to wish them a happy anniversary. They are the best parents a kid could have (yes, i still consider myself a kid). So anyways, wonder over to my mom's site and wish her and my dad a happy anniversary. I got to go to work now. I will try to post more later!