Saturday, September 24, 2005

Are you sick of it yet?

So tell me...are you sick of posts about my new kitten yet? Well, if you are TO DANG BAD! I can't tell you how much I love having the little booger around. We are giving her the offical nickname of attention whore. Why? Because she follows me around all day when I am home whining at me until I pick her up so she can fall asleep on my lap/shoulder/neck/anywhere uncomfortable for me at the time. And when I am gone she picks on my husband until he plays with her. So that is how she got her nickname. She thrives off of attention which I guess I am mostly to blame for that one because I have this thing spoiled rotten. We had to go out yesterday and get a spray bottle so we can work on training her not to do certain things and I just can't bring myself to spray her with water. My husband did it to her twice last night because he doesn't like her lunging at him to get on his lap. I thought it was mean but my husband thought it was necessary. I am guessing that this is why we still don't have children.

Last night we went out and got Gracie a thing called a "Kitty Barn". While she has played with it a little, she is still fascinated by her stuffed mouse toy tied to a shoestring. When placed close to the "Kitty Barn" she will jump all over the "Kitty Barn" to pounce on the toy. She also drags the toy through the "Kitty Barn". You can't see the mouse toy in the pictures because she mostly plays with the end of the shoestring that is not attached to the mouse. The mouse it basically a distraction because it has a bell on it. So whenever she pulls on the shoestring she hears the bell and goes nuts!

Anyways, Gracie has this thing about if no one is around to show her attention. She will go and hide underneath the blankets on our bed. Yes, she crawls all the way underneath the blankets and hides until someone comes to find her. So this morning, the hubby was away at work and I was in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom this is what I saw...

If you look closer you can see that it is Gracie hiding underneath the blankets with her head poking out just enough to be seen....

If you look real close you get the following picture. Now tell me how can you say no to a face like this...I swear this kitten is going to be a model one day!

Michelle wants my kitten but I don't know. The hubby is starting to get attached to her as well. Michelle- you can come over and visit Gracie anytime you want. When I need a kitty sitter I will definetly let you know :)

Well, I got to get ready to go to work! See you all on Monday! (where I am sure there will be more cute Gracie pictures for you all!)