Tuesday, January 31, 2006

name change?

So what am I going to have to start calling this site "Conversations With ~K"? Seriously, she is like the only one who posts comments on here anymore. A Military Mom made a comment but com on....what is wrong with the rest of you people? Let's get a move on here people!!!

I am going out to lunch with my mom today. That should be a good time. We haven't done that in a while. It will be nice just to sit down for a while and talk with mom.

As far as I know I have today off. My little informate has yet to call me and tell me to come into work. So I am just going to assume that I still have today off. I will probably get a call around noon though telling me I have to go into work. That is the way it usually works. About an hour before they want me to come in is when they usually call. Well they can do that if they want. I will be out with mom at that time and I will just not get the call. If they think that I am going to call them to see whether or not they want me to come in well...they are NUTS!!! Although I would really rather work two more days and have another day off and then work two more days and have two off. It would be a lot better then having today off and then working straight through until Monday or Tuesday. But whatever.

So I have not much going on today besides lunch with mom I will let you all know how that goes. Wait let me refraise that... I will let A Military Mom and ~K know how that goes seeing as they must be the only people who read this anymore! Sadness :(

Monday, January 30, 2006

So did I?

At least one person out there left me a comment to make sure that I did my laundry saturday. So did I you ask? Yes, I did! I got all of my laundry done and my room organized and all the camping crap out of the dinning area. Everything is organized in the new apartment and it actually looks like two women live here. Instead of like a whole football team ran through it. Speaking of football all I have to say is GO STEELERS!

Well, i am going to keep this entry short because I got to get ready to go to work. Supposed to have lunch with mom tomorrow. Although work just called and they might switch my days off. So mom if you are reading this. I may have to work tomorrow. But i will have thursday off. So maybe we can do it Thursday. I will let you know for sure later today when I get to work.

Man sometimes I really hate my job! Here's to finding a new and better job. For those of you looking for employment I highly suggest not putting an application in at Meijer's. That place sucks. (maybe someone at work will read this and i will get fired for talking smack about my place of employment. One could only hope!)

well i got to get ready for work. I will post more later!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

fun fun

Amber is having her baby shower today. So that is where I am headed. She is having her baby on February 16th. I can't wait for the baby to get here. Seems like it has taken forever.

Right now I am watching as my roommates cat tries to get on my bed. Earlier she figured out how to get into the closet and got herself stuck in there. She does that an awful lot. I have to watch out for my toliet though. If you leave the bathroom unattended the cat will figure out how to get the lid up and drink out of the toliet. It is kind of funny.

Sorry that this entry is so boring but I am working on another entry and trying to get ready to go to Amber baby shower. This day is pretty much filled. It should be interesting. At least I have today and tomorrow off. Maybe I will actually be able to just relax instead of having to run places. Seriously, everyday that I have had off in the past three weeks I have spent running somewhere or another. Mostly back to Fairborn to try to move more stuff. I am sure that this whole moving thing would be much easier if I would just break down and actually rent a U-Haul or something.

Right now I am dealing with insurance angencies trying to get my car fixed from my latest accident. If you guys haven't heard about my two-accidents-in-three-months world record, I will explain it all later.

Well, I got to go get my jeans out of the dryer. I really need to do all of my laundry instead of just what I need for the day. But unfortunatly I just have no energy to even do it. Grrr. I will do it when I get back from the baby shower. You guys hold me to it.

Well, I am sorry for the boring entry. I am slowly trying to get back into this whole blogging thing. When more interesting something happens, and when I get my big entry done, then you all will have something more interesting to read. In the meantime this will have to do.

My apologies to all of you who actually sat there and read this. Hopefully the next one will be more interesting. Okay...jeans out of dryer...off to baby shower. I need to get my butt moving.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm back

Hey everyone. Long time no post, I know. I am sorry about that. A lot has been happening in my life lately. But suffice it to say that I am back now. I am going to try to post more. But I am back to blogging for all of you who care to know!