Monday, January 30, 2006

So did I?

At least one person out there left me a comment to make sure that I did my laundry saturday. So did I you ask? Yes, I did! I got all of my laundry done and my room organized and all the camping crap out of the dinning area. Everything is organized in the new apartment and it actually looks like two women live here. Instead of like a whole football team ran through it. Speaking of football all I have to say is GO STEELERS!

Well, i am going to keep this entry short because I got to get ready to go to work. Supposed to have lunch with mom tomorrow. Although work just called and they might switch my days off. So mom if you are reading this. I may have to work tomorrow. But i will have thursday off. So maybe we can do it Thursday. I will let you know for sure later today when I get to work.

Man sometimes I really hate my job! Here's to finding a new and better job. For those of you looking for employment I highly suggest not putting an application in at Meijer's. That place sucks. (maybe someone at work will read this and i will get fired for talking smack about my place of employment. One could only hope!)

well i got to get ready for work. I will post more later!