Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wish me luck

Now after both of my sister get a new job....I have a job interview today at 10:00 a.m. This was a little unplanned seeing as I wasn't actively looking for another job. However, I am ready to get out of Meijer's!


I will let you all know how it goes later!

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's about dang time...

I know it is a day late. But, seeing as i spent yesterday at church with my mom and then went from church to work...i didn't have much time to post this. Anyways I just want to say


To all you mom's out there. I hope that you had a wonderful mother's day!

To my mom. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother. You have put up with a lot of crap from all of us kids and yet you are still sane. That is an amazing thing in itself. But what is more amazing is the fact that, after everything we have put you through, you still manage to be there for us when we need you. You have helped me through so much this past year and I know I don't thank you enough for it. Just know that I do appreciate everything that you do. Because I know that you do not have to do those things for us. You can easily say "Your old enough...take care of it yourself." But yet you don't. You are always there to help in anyway you can. Even if it is just listening to me whine about this or that. But you know what....sometimes that is all I need is for you to be there to listen to me whine. You are an awesome mother and I love you bunches. I couldn't ask for a better mom. I love you mom! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day. I will see you on Tuesday for your Mother's Day lunch at La Fiesta... Yummy mexican food. Hope you enjoyed your plant.....

Yes that is the plant that I got my mom for Mother's Day.

Anyways, I hope everyone out there treated their mother's nice yesterday. They sacrificed many nights of sleep and many hours of free time for us. Just remember without them none of us would be here today. Unless somehow men could figure out a way to reproduce on their own...okay that was a little weird. Ignore that last saying.

Anyways, i got to get ready to go to work. This is day number 7 in a row. I really don't want to go into that place but, i have to. I have the next two days off THANK GOD. Tomorrow i am taking mom out for lunch for Mother's Day since I really didn't get to spend much time with her yesterday. I freaking had to work 1-9. But I did surprise her by showing up to church. She didn't know I was coming. And I bought her a little flowering bush thing. Plus I showed up to church in a skirt instead of dress pants like I usually do. I even had to go out and buy a new skirt just to wear to church because I have started working out and I have lost like 10 lbs. None of my dress clothes fit. So yeah, i think i surprised her by showing up to a skirt non the less.

So yeah... i have the next two days off and I can't wait. Hopefully one of those days are nice. I am getting tired of this crappy rainy weather. It needs to get out of here.

I will talk to all of you later.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

update city

Okay everyone. Time for me to actually update this thing and let you all know what is going on. Lets start with the happy stuff...

Both of my sisters have the most adorable children in the world. Just look at them...

Here is Hunter and Alexis...
Here is Hunter...
Here is Mabel...

I love my nieces so much. I can't imagine life without them. They make me so happy. I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can. i wish i could see Hunter and Alexis more but, for some reason I don't. Mostly because I have so much going on right now and I really don't leave home much because I just got a lot of stuff to take care of here. Because of certain circumstances Michelle is the only one who is able to come and see me. She was actually here yesterday with my little chuncky monkey 2 (Hunter is chuncky monkey 1 and Alexis is my little tater). I just love seeing them though. I especially love it when all of them are together. Although I get a little overwhelmed because i want to hold all of them at once and I don't have enough arm/lap space to do that. But I spoil them when I can and love on them as much as possible. they are getting so big and growing up so fast. Mabel is starting to outweigh Hunter I think.

Me and the roommate got a puppy about a month ago. His name is Spencer and he is the most adorable dog ever. Michelle came to see him yesterday and fell in love with him. I mean how can you not fall in love with something that looks like this...

He kind of reminds me of peaches. He is a 5 month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and he is full of energy right now. I know that it is because he is a puppy and he will eventually grow out of it. But sometimes it is a little annoying in the morning when I am trying to sleep and i hear him barking because he is ready to come out and play at 6:30 in the morning and I don't go to bed until 1 or later. Yes, I am a night owl. I have been staying up late lately (interesting). Which brings me to the next part of the update...

I have been staying up late mostly because I can't sleep. There are a lot of things I have been thinking about. Like what direction I want my life to take and so on. Most of that is because on June 7th at 8:30 in the morning my divorce will be final. While I am happy to get this over with, part of me is just not prepared for some reason. It has been a rough battle and I know that it is for the best that we finally get this over with but, for some reason I just don't feel prepared to go through this. I never thought at the age of 23 I would be going through a divorce. Heck, I didn't even think i would ever be married at the age of 23. It just feels like more of an adult thing to go through then I think I am ready for. My parents and family have been so supportive through all of this and I just want to thank them for helping me. Especially when I would call them a various times of the day crying about one thing or another. I know this is something that I just need to get through and in the end it will be fore the best. I need to move on with my life and hopefully I will be able to do that soon. I am tired of being stressed and upset and having this whole divorce thing looming over my head. I don't know if that makes any sense to any of you. But I know what I mean to say. I am just thankful that we didn't have any kids. That would have just complicated things a lot more.

Well, that is what is going on so far in my life. I hope to update more soon. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will update more later.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

NO IT IS NOT!! The weather is GORGEOUS! And I have the day off! I am going to go grill out! Finally nice weather and the day off. What makes it better is...I HAVE TOMORROW OFF AS WELL! Sweetness!

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather. I know i will.