Saturday, March 25, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

Okay, I know I promised you guys another post a while ago. Things just got a little busy around here with my job. Mostly the fact that I had to work a 7:30a.m-3:30p.m. shift at work on the day that I was supposed to post something. Yeah, I am not used to working in the morning. I actually love it and would rather work in the morning. However, meijer's sucks and won't let me.

Anyways, the other day I was getting ready to go to work and I decided that Nibbles (the hamster) probably needed some food. So I go to get his food bowl and I notice that he isn't in the top of the cage like he usually is, he isn't in the bottom of the cage either. So I immediatly start freaking out. I knew he was in there the night before because he was running like crazy in the wheel while I was trying to sleep. So I start hunting everywhere in my room for this hamster. How the heck did he get out anyways? Apparently he had figured out how to push a cap off the top of the cage. The cap is there to cover up a hole where you can add another tube for him to climb through. So somehow he figured out how to push this cap out and climb out because the cap was laying on the floor.

So I start searching all over the apartment for this stupid hamster. My roommate was gone and I didn't want her coming home and opening the door and the hamster take off through the door. When he is in his ball he usuallly finds his way to the front door. Always has done that. Even when I lived in the apartment in Fairborn. I seriously think this hamster hates me and is trying to figure out a way to escape.

So after about 15 minutes i find the hamster in my roommates room in the corner behind the kitty liter box. Yeah, did I mention that we have a cat? Well, we do and I figured that if he had been out all night the cat would have found him and Nibbles was pretty much a gonner. Well he was still alive and ticked off because he was trapped in this corner. So now I have to figure out a way to coax him out of the corner. I tried picking him up but he is ticked because he has been found and can't make his escape. So he just wants to bite me and squeal. I didn't know that hamsters could make this kind of noise. It was like the sound of I don't know but it could wake the freaking dead. It was horrible. So yeah, I had to figure out how to get him out of the corner and into his ball. Because if I can coax him out of the corner and into his ball no one gets hurt. Well, this involved making a trip across the hall to the apartment of pilots. Yes, there are four airline pilots who live across the hall from me.

Well, once I explain to them what is going on they all start laughing their asses off. They think it is hilarious. Now I am getting ticked because I have to be at work in a half hour and I still have to take a shower. So I just tell them "listen if you want to help great. I will be in debt to whoever helps. If you don't want to help, whatever. I don't have time to screw around with this. I am going back over to my apartment and I will figure out something." They all kind of stare at me with this blank look on their faces because they have never seen me get mad.

So i head back over to my apartment and start trying to hold onto the hamster ball with one hand while taking the fish net (you know the thing you scoop fishes out of the fish tank with). yeah i am taking the fish net and trying to lure him into his ball. He get to the ball, gets about halfway in, realizes what is going on and takes off back for the corner. Dang it!

About that time one of the pilots comes from across the hall is all like "what do you need me to do?" So he holds onto the ball while I lure the hamster out. We get him into the ball and he starts pitching a fit because he wants to run around the apartment some more. We get him into the cage and he is trying to climb up the sides of it to get out. Not this time buddy. I make sure everything is secure. This hamster has lost all freedom priveliges for a while. Operation Hamster Freedom is hereby closed.

At least someone from across the hall was nice enough to help me. I was starting to get ticked with them.

Well, i got a few errands to run today. I wish I was my mom right now. Laying in the sun in freaking Cabo Mexico. She soooooooooooooooo owes me!