Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guess what? IT'S BABY TIME!

Sorry once again that i haven't updated in while. It seems like I have to wait a while to update on anything because if i don't then i don't have anything to talk about. Life is just really boring at times. So let me update you now on everything that is going on....

First off, I am completely done with the apartment in Fairborn. I NO LONGER HAVE TO SEE THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!! Thank God. I will only have to drive up there like once a week to check the mail until I am sure that the address change is complete. Yesterday (Valentine's Day) was spent getting up at 5 in the a.m (running on about 4 hours of sleep) and heading up to Fairborn to get the last of my stuff and clean the apartment before I went to work. I left Fairborn at 11:30, went and got some lunch, and then went to work. It was nice. Not really but what can I say? I would have rather been doing anything on Valentine's Day besides that but whatever..

So the soon-to-be-ex didn't show up until around 9:00 and I was a little ticked because there was a lot of stuff that needed to be done to the apartment before the 4 p.m. inspection. I really don't understand why he showed up so late. I mean seriously, if I can get my ass up after working the night before and only getting 4 hours of sleep, then I am sure that he could have been up there early as well. Especially for someone who called me at work the night before and kept bitching at me about how much stuff still needed to be done and how I needed to get up there a.s.a.p in the morning. Most of the crap left there was his so yeah...he should have probably gotten there before 9. I am sure that we would have been a little less rushed. Anyways, so I get there and pack up the last of my crap, loaded it into the car, and then proceeded to scrub the bedroom-bathroom, vacuum the floors in the bedroom, hallway, computer room, dining area. I cleaned all the vents and made sure that all the marks on the wall disappeared. Then I decided that I needed to leave at 11:30 in order to be able to get something to eat before I went to work. So I just hope that the soon-to-be-ex and his sister got the rest of it done before 4.

So now I am completely done with Fairborn and I couldn't be happier.

Now for the most exciting news......

My sister is having her baby in about 6 hours!

yes, that is right. My sister is having her baby tomorrow (or today since it is midnight)! I am sooo excited! She has to be at the hospital at 5 in the morning! I was going to go at that time, but I decided not to because...1. I can't get to sleep and I want to be well rested since I have to watch Alexis tomorrow. 2. Well, there really isn't much I can do until after Amber has her c-section and the baby is out. So instead of waiting around until the c-section is over, i figure that I will just go in the afternoon when I can see and hold my new niece (I still swear that there will be more then one! Amber will kill me if that comes true though). So tomorrow mom, Alexis, my grandma, and I are all going to go and get lunch and then go out to the hospital. I think Michelle is going in the morning because she is going to be present for the c-section. NO THANK YOU MA'AM! Ain't happening. There is no way in h e double hockey sticks that I am going to be in the same room when they cut open my sister and take her insides out. I am sorry but there is a reason that your guts are on the inside. They were put there so the rest of the world wouldn't have to see them. And also to protect from infection. But mostly so that the rest of the world doesn't have to see it. Plus, if I am not the one being cut into then there is no way that I am going to be in the room. Heck when I have kids they are going to have to knock me out if they do a c-section because I don't even want to see my own insides. The only thing I care about is seeing my niece AFTER she is born. I don't want to be there WHILE she is in the process of being born. Ain't no way in h e double hockey sticks that you will find me anywhere near the birthing room ESPECIALLY at 5 in the morning. Now had this been the first child of Amber, yes I would be at the hospital at 5 in the a.m. But seeing as how this isn't her first I think I can wait until after the little booger is born and then I will go and spoil her at the hospital. Then I will take Alexis home with me and spoil her. Alexis is soooo excited about getting to come and spend the night with me Thursday. All I have to say is that my roommates cat better watch out because Alexis will squeeze the thing to death. Not to mention that she will follow it around because she has this thing about knowing where the animal is at all times. So Shelby (my roommates cat) will probably be hiding underneath my roommates bed for most of the day trying to stay away from Alexis.

I will not be posting pictures of the new addition to the family seeing at the soon-to-be-ex took the digital camera. I am sure my mom will though. So just keep posted to her site to see if she puts any pictures up!

So anyways, tomorrow is BABY day and I really should be getting to bed. Plus it will take you guys so long to read this that I might not have to post anything for a while. Well, i really need to be getting to bed. The next time I post I will have a new niece (or two!)