Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Welcome to my life!

Okay, I know i haven't posted in a while. I have been busy moving stuff into my parents house. If you didn't read the last post, well sorry, I deleted it. I realized I said a lot of hateful things in that post so I decided to delete it. The basic rundown is this... me and the hubby are splitting up for a while. I am moving in with my parents until we get things figured out. So that is why I haven't posted in a while. Because I am working on moving and two, I have to share a computer with my mom....enough said there!

Michelle has FOUR more days until she will be on her way home. Yes you heard that right people FOUR DAYS! In four days I will:
1.) No longer have to worry about her everyday.
2.) Be completely excited because I will get to see her shortly.
3.) Be ready to take vacation from work for a while to go see her.
4.) Be a complete mess because I will be anxiously awaiting her arrival!

I talked to hear for almost an hour this morning. She called to make fun of me. For those of you who haven't already heard or read it on my mom's site, I was involved in a rather lovely car accident yesterday afternoon. It was my first car accident and hopefully my last. For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the details of what happened here it is:

My older sister in on bed rest for a while because she has been having some pain and stuff with this pregnancy (I doubt she makes it till February.) So I called my sister to see if there was anything that she needed at the grocery store because I had to go to pick up a couple of things myself. So I decided that I would just swing by my sister's house, pick up my niece and go to the grocery store. I decided to take my four year old niece with me so that Amber could get some rest. Anyways, I was about a block away from the grocery store sitting at a stop sign. I looked both ways to make sure that nothing was coming. There were a couple of cars in the turn lane but no one coming straight and so I decided to go. The next thing I know this car comes plowing into my front drivers side. She hit me in the front, driver's side light. At first I just sat there a little stunned, trying to figure out what had happened. Then it hit me..."Holy crap, I just got hit by another car." I immediatly look in the back seat to make sure my niece was okay. I didn't care if I was okay or not. I just wanted to make sure that she was okay. I asked her how she was and she said fine. Then she asked me what happened. I told her. The I got out to make sure that the lady in the other car was okay. She seemed fine until the cops got there and then they had to take her away in an ambulence because she was complaining of chest pain. Alexis started crying when the cops got there because she was afraid that we were going to go to jail. I explained to her that we weren't.

So after everything gets taken care of at the accident scene and they tow both cars away because they were pretty heavily damaged (mine more than hers), I head to Amber's house to make sure that Amber wasn't freaking out too much. I had to call the hubby to drive me because of the fact that my car had just been towed away. When I got to Amber's house I realized that my head was hurting and my back and neck were hurting as well. After everyone got done chastizing me for not telling the paramedics that I had hit my head I finally decided to go to the hospital. Only after a phone call to my mom to find out if I really should or not. I do not have a concussion and I will be fine. I am just a little sore. I didn't even know I had hit my head or anything until after everything settled down. I was too concerned about my niece and the lady in the other car.

Right now I am driving a rental car (thank God insurance covers that) and my car is being looked at. It is going to take quite a while to get my car fixed. Hopefully it will be done shortly after Michelle gets home. I still can't believe that she only has four more days!

Well, I am sorry that the details got a little less descriptive there towards the end but I don't really feel like writing about it now. I may write some more later. Right now I am going to go soak in the bathtub for a while. I am hurting so bad and I have to go back to work tomorrow. So I will see you all later. Just pray that everything gets taken care of smoothly. Just to let everyone know, the lady in the other car was okay. She was leaving the hospital right as I got there. So lets just hope that this all gets settled nicely. I got cited because I was the one at the stop sign and in control of the situation. Plus, there were no witnesses. So the cop just had to go by the fact that I was the one at the stop sign and if I wouldn't have pulled out there wouldn't have been an accident. So there is 94 dollars gone. Got to pay that by the 15th or else I have to go to court and I really don't want to do that. Then I got to pay the 200 dollar deductable on my insurance in order to get my car fixed. I have feeling I am going to be spending a lot of time sitting at home and also trying to get overtime at work! I will write more later. Right not this computer chair is not helping the back any!