Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oh and one more thing.

I am sad to say that Miss Gracie Bubbles Shah had to go to the Animal Shelter today. I took her to the Animal Shelter this morning because Amber and her family are moving in with her husband's parents. Her parents didn't think it was a good idea to bring the cat along because they already have one that has been the only cat since it was a kitten. They have had the cat for years so it is used to being the only cat in the house and they didn't think it would adjust well to another cat, especially a kitten. Hubby couldn't take the cat either and I definetly can't keep her here due to my father's allergies to cats/hatred for them. So I had to make the tough decision this morning to take the cat to the Animal Shelter. I realize that it is all for the best because she was being shipped around from house to house and she also was overdue for her vaccinations. Plus she was a little sick. So the Animal Shelter will be able to get her healthy and find a very good home for her. I had to have Amber take her into the Animal Shelter because I was crying in the car. She was my baby and I loved her very much. I will miss her but I realize it is all for the best. One day I will get another kitten but I am sure that none of them will be as good as Gracie Bubbles was. It was a difficult thing for me to do. I held her in the car and loved on her all the way to the Animal Shelter. She will be missed.