Saturday, November 12, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

Okay everyone here is the latest instalment of Michelle Comes Home!

The current news is that Michelle will be able to come back with mom and dad on MONDAY! She should arrive home around 1:30 or 2:00, or sometime shortly thereafter. I spoke with her today and she said that as long as everyone gets all of their crap done Sunday then she will be dismissed Sunday about noon and then she will be on her way HOME! I can't wait. I am working on decorating the house. I am taking pictures but i have to find the cord to plug into my computer in order to be able to post pictures from my camera to my computer. So pray that I find that soon! So Michelle will be home MONDAY and I simply can't wait. I am getting very impatient. I don't go to bed until like 4 in the morning and then i can't really sleep. I just want her to be home so bad. So work is being rather nice and giving me Monday off. So I will have Sunday, Monday, and Friday off this coming week. It will suck with the paycheck but it will be good to spend some time with Michelle. Dang I can't wait.

Mom and dad have been able to spend plenty of time with Michelle the past few days. They have allowed her to go and hang out with the parents after she gets her work done durning the day. So she has to be at the Fort in the morning, does work until mid afternoon, and then she gets to go off base with the parents and spend the night with them. Just as long as she is back on base in the morning. Which my parents make sure of. Because I am sure that if Michelle was even one minute late someone or multiple someones would be coming to get her. So let's just hope that things continue to go smoothly and that they all stay on schedule. I want this girl home so freaking bad. Well only one thing left to say...