Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's getting closer

I am soooooooooooooooo excited today. I just realized that in a few short days my sister will be HOME! Fina-freakin-ly! I can't wait for her butt to be back home safe and sound. I am kind of bummed that I was not able to go and see her off the plane but life kind of throws curve balls at you sometimes and you don't always hit one out of the park. So I just have to deal with it I guess. Now I just have to make sure that I have the proper days off next week so that I will be here when she arrives home. I can't freakin wait to see her face. I have missed her so much over the past year. I was really bummed when she was home on leave the last time and she was getting ready to go back and I didn't take my driver's license with me to the airport. Had I taken it I would have been able to go through the gate and see her get on the plane. So i missed her getting on the plane and I will miss her getting off the plane. But the one thing I will not miss is her being HOME! Did I mention that she will be HOME! HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME! I have waited for so long to be able to say that. Now I can. And with all the crap going on I am glad that I have something to look forward to. I am totally excited about this if you guys can't tell.

About my car issue... Apparently Smedly's (the place that is fixing my car) called two days ago and left a message on the hubby's phone. They NEVER called me. So I was getting all ticked off because it had been like a week and I had heard nothing on the condition of my car. And this is something important for me to know. Like is my car totalled? Will I be needing to start looking for a new one? How much damage was done? Will insurance be able to cover it all? What the h e double hockey sticks is going on with my car? So anyways, the hubby came over last night and he informed that they had called like two days ago. So I was kind of ticked because i have talked to him since then and he not once mentioned that they had called. But I got over it realizing that he thought that they would have called my phone since they only left a message with my hubby. So anyways, there is $4,300 worth of damage to my car. Hubby called them today and they said that they got all the parts in today that they need to fix it and it should be done either next week or the week after. They couldn't just bend some of the parts out, they actually have to replace all the parts. So i will have a brand new looking car (hopefully) when they are done. Yeah for me! Even though I am enjoying driving the KIA Rio a little too much. I am thinking that if my Ford Focus ever bites the dust then I will get a KIA. However, it doesn't sound like my car will be biting the dust anytime soon. Especially after all it has been through the past week. It just keeps going. So that is the deal with my car so far. What else...

Oh yes, my freaking sister is coming home! I can't wait until she gets here. There is so much that we need to catch up on. There is so much stuff that I want to do with her. Like go to the movies, go out to celebrate her 21st birthday (since she was gone for that), play video games with her until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, stay up late talking about nonsense and watching movies like we used to do. I can't wait until that little booger is home. I miss her so freaking much. And even though i didn't write her that much while she was away, man do i ever miss her. I just can't wait until she is home and I don't have to worry about her anymore.


(I think i might explode with excitement)