Thursday, November 10, 2005

I spoke to mom!

Mom called this morning about 9:30. She said that she had talked to Michelle. Michelle saidd that they had to make a stop in Germany to refuel and then they had to make a "quick" stop at JFK before they would be in Wisconsinn. So that means that Michelle will be "home" at around 2:00 Wisconsinn time. Which means she will be in Wisconsinn about 3:00 our time. Aren't you guys all glad that I am keeping you updated on Michelle progress. Since my mother obviously doesn't have internet connection or whatever. So that is the news so far. Now as to when she will actually be able to come home home. Well, that will be determined later today or tomorrow. Mom said she would call me as soon as Michelle stepped off the plane and was "dismissed". So that should mean that I will get to talk to Michelle today! If they have bad reception then mom will just call me as soon as her and dad get back to the hotel. So here's to hoping that it won't be too much longer and Michelle will be home! I will keep you all updated! As soon as mom/michelle/anybody of any importance at this point calls me, I will post the news for you here! Keep your eyes glued to my site so that you don't miss any exciting homecoming news.

For those of you wondering. Mom will be posting the pictures from Michelle getting off the plane. I will be posting any pictures I get from when she actually returns home! OMG SHE IS ALMOST HOME! I am sooooo freakin excited! I will be sure to keep you all posted! Have a nice day everyone!