Sunday, November 20, 2005

I know, I know.

Okay i know that i have yet to post about michelle's homecoming. I have been so busy with work and spending time with that little booger that I have just not had time to post. So today, after I get home from work, you will all finally get to hear my side about the homecoming. You will even get to see pictures from when she arrived at the house. I PROMISE! Now, everyone just calm down. I will get to it all tonight. I figured I would let you hear the homecoming from Mom's perspective first and then from Michelle and then i would give you my perspective. Yeah, that's it, that is what i was waiting on! LOL. Anyways, I will post about it when I get home from work tonight. So just look for it tonight after 11 p.m. Ohio time. Or just look for it tomorrow morning for those of you who go to bed at like 8! See ya all later!