Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

Well today is me and Michelle's birthday. Go over to Michelle's site and wish her a happy birthday when you get a chance.

Yes, me and michelle were born on the same day but, no, we are not twins. For those of you wondering, we are two years apart in age. I am now 23 and michelle is now 21.

Today is kind of a sad day as well. I wish michelle could be home to celebrate her birthday with me. However, she did call. She called me at 10:48 and we talked until 11:20. So a good 30 minute conversation. I sang happy birthday to her and then she sang to me. It was kind of funny. I miss her being home. This is the third birthday she has not been at home for. The third birthday in a row. The first one she was in Basic Training and the next two were spent in Iraq. I was okay with her not being home for her birthday when she was in Basic Training. I knew that she was safe and sound and sort of enjoying her birthday while there. Eventhough she might have had to do some push ups and maybe run a little. However, I know that missing another birthday because she is in Iraq has to be hard on her as well. I know she wants to be home to celebrate and it just makes me sad that she is in a not so friendly place on her birthday.

When we talked on the phone she seemed to be doing okay. She said that she was swimming at the pool, eating hotdogs with sourkraut on them, and eating Baskin Robbins. She also said she got a bit of a suntan and that she hasn't had to buy anything because everyone has been buying stuff for her. So okay, maybe I don't feel too bad for her because the pool at my apartment complex is CLOSED, and it really isn't all that sunny/warm out, and I don't have any Baskin Robbins to eat. But I still miss her bunches and just hope that she has a wonderful birthday. I really wish that she could be home to share in this occasion with me. I especially am sad because it is her 21st birthday and she should be home doing what most just-turned-21-years-old people do. But I promised her that when she gets home we will definetly have to go out for that 21st birthday drink. (Ignore that comment mom)!

So we had a nice conversation and it was just nice to hear her voice. She sounded really good and really rested.

Tonight me and the hubby are going to watch "Serenity"! I have wanted to see that movie since I saw previews for it. Yesterday we went to the Olive Garden with the hubby's parents, sister, nephew, uncle and my mom. Yes, I had my mom tag along. It was just a nice day. So tonight is movie night, the hubby skipped worked in order to stay home with me on my birthday. Don't freak out though because he is still getting paid for the day because he is supposed to be working on flyers for work. So they said that they would still pay him for the day as long as he got the flyers done. So that is good thing.

So all around the birthday has been pretty good. Got to talk to michelle, the hubby skipped work to stay home with me, my mom called and wished me a happy birthday, michelle's boyfriend tony called to wish me happy birthday, I am going to go see Serenity, I talked michelle in to wanting a kitten for her birthday, and I am getting paid for it because I on VACATION!!!

I want to thank everyone who has already left me birthday messages (if you leave me one later i will add you to the list):
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My mom
Erik Holtan
Stacy Lee (Keep My Soldier Safe)
The Mudville Gazette (under supporting the troops...or not) (who will also be added to my blogroll)
Righty in a Lefty State
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Thank you all so much. Now I have to go clean the house! Yes, I am cleaning house on my birthday because right now I am bored out of my mind!

(Oh and the hubby/brother-in-law says Happy Birthday Punk!) And Gracie sends you a Meow Meow Meow which in kitty talk means HAPPY BIRTHDAY!