Saturday, October 01, 2005

Good Morning Everyone

Well, it is Saturday and I finally have a weekend off. Only because I am taking vacation but still, it is nice to have a weekend off. Five whole days to do whatever I want and not have to worry about doing it in time to go to work! SWEET!

Wish me luck today! I am going shopping with my mom, my older sister Amber and my niece Alexis. It should be fun. But like I said in the previous post, my mom might kill me for comments made on her site. It is bad enough that I skipped out on her Wednesday and made her take care of the demon spawn at AWANA's all by herself! I still owe her for that. I just wasn't able to make it Wednesday. Now she knows how I felt the first Wednesday of AWANA's when she decided that she would convienetly be out of town that day! So pthhhh to her! But I do owe her some chocolate or something because she did have to put up with one particuarly difficult demon spawn that night. There is just this one kid that doesn't seem to care what he says or how he says it. He is just out to make everyone miserable. Hopefully he will get better though. He actually told me the first night that he wanted nothing to do with me and that he hated me. Now, don't get me wrong I wasn't too terrible upset by this comment because I was hoping that maybe he wouldn't come back. However, it is church and I should really try to get along with him. I just don't know what to do. He has some form of ADD and that tends to make things a little difficult for all of us. The rest of the kids are just fine. Except for the two the egg this kid on. I actually enjoy working with kids and everything but it just seems like the three and four year olds listen better then the JV. No one wanted to teach this class and that is how I got stuck with it. I felt bad because everyone was backing out on the Pastor. So I decided to suck it up and teach the JV. Well, now I am starting to understand why the rest of the adults quit. It is a battle every Wednesday with this boy. I just don't know what to do. If he doesn't get his way then he is a bear for the rest of the evening. When he listens he is wonderful. But that is only for like the first five minutes of AWANA's. Then we start game time and tell him or anyone else something and he take offense to it somehow. The other Wednesday we just told him to put his shoes on a get ready to go inside because we were running late for devotion time. This prompted a conversation about how he now knew how the Hebrews felt when they were sold to the Egyptians. I just told the kid to put his shoes on, dang. It wasn't like I made him dig a trench. So for the rest of the evening he just kept telling me and my mom that we were horrible slave drivers and whatnot. GRRR! So I guess I owe my mom big time for putting up with them Wednesday. Okay rant over....

Well, i got to finish getting ready. I will post more when I get home. Everyone have a wonderful Saturday. Pray that my mom doesn't beat me too bad! LOL!