Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today was wonderful

today was a most wonderful day. i drove 45 minutes to spend the day with my mom. She wanted to go to subway for lunch so i decided that since i had some birthday shopping to do for my niece that i would go and visit with her and take her to lunch. I enjoy our mother/daughter times together. I miss living closer to home. Although my husband would say that i waste a lot of gas drving to my mom's house at least once a week. He says that I waste gas because i go and visit my mom when i don't have work. See i work close to my parents and yes it would make sense to leave early for work and go visit my mom, but sometimes it is just nice not to feel rushed.

So today, i left at 10 to go get my mom, arrived at her house at about 10:45. Then we went to Kohl's, Subway, Wal-Mart, and then to Kroger's. I found my nieces birthday present. She is into Princesses now, so i got her a Cinderella doll set. It is a little plastic Cinderella doll and she has snap-on outfits and shoes. It is cute. Plus i got her a Disney Princess' notebook since she loves to draw and a Sleeping Beauty birthday card. I can't wait for her party on the 7th. Actually, i can wait because i don't want her to grow up anymore. She is at the fun age and i just want her to stay that way. She is getting so big. I cried more than her mom when she started pre-school. I feared that she would make all these friends and start calling the up and hang out with them instead of wanting to hang out with Auntie April. Sadness.

So yeah, it was nice spending the day with my mom. We went to Kroger because they had a whole bunch of stuff on sale for 10 for $10. We spent $148.00 on stuff to send to Michelle. Get ready for a couple of big packages Michelle. We bought snack foods, pudding, jello (that doesn't need to be refridgerated), cookies, candy, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, Little Debbie snackies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, handi wipes (anti-bacterial of course, I know that if we sent those to Mustang 23 he would truely appreciate it...Captain Handwash!), and more food then Michelle will know what to do with. But michelle is good at sharing so it will all get eaten.

I took the box of Dark Chocolate M&M's that FCC@V had sent over to my mom's house to include in the next box that she is sending. FCC@V had said something in a comment on my blogpage about telling me that i didn't owe her anything but i seriously didn't remember ever having that conversation with her. Well apparently she had stuck a little blue note in the box for me (along with a card for Michelle) in the box. Well it had apparently stuck to the side of the box when i had opened it at home to make sure that everything in there was okay. So when i got to my parents house and showed my mom what all she sent, this little blue piece of paper falls out. I was like "what is this?" Now this is how nice FCC@V is... the blue paper had the following note on it..

Here are the candies as promised. Hope that Michelle enjoys them.
And don't worry about expenses-Michelle has already paid the debt in full. Infact, all of us are in her debt.
Not much longer until she and Mustang 23get to come home!!
All the best,
Now, that is something. This woman is just simply amazing. This letter for some reason brought tears to my eyes. I mean, she just has such a compassionate heart. I can see why Mustang 23 is with her. He better be dang lucky that he is with this girl. I am still sending her something in the mail and there is nothing she can do about it! HAHAHA!

Anyways, today was a wonderful day off! Yes, you read that right! I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORK AT MY CRAPPY JOB!! But i don't get another day off until Saturday and Sunday! Then after that i will have another day off next week. After that who knows!

Once again, thank you FCC@V for your generousity. It is appreciated by me, my family, and most importantly Michelle. She is dying for those chocolates. However, the M&M deliver has caused pandamonium at my house. My husband is now like "where did you get those? Are they for me? Why can't i eat them? Can you get me some?" BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! He is going to be highly dissapointed when he comes home and the M&M's aren't in the house. I may have to have FCC@V send some more for him. Just so he will quite whining about them. Hence the reason we still don't have any children. He is to much like a child. I don't think i could raise a 27 and a newborn all at once! She will get paid for sending those M&M's though because they aren't for a good cause. Well, they are to give me some peace and quiet but still, it isn't like my husband is in a war zone. Although he might be if he doesn't stop the whining!! Just kidding!

Well, i got to go! I will update more later!

Take care and God bless,
April M. Shah
~Philemon 6~