Friday, August 05, 2005

Self Portrait Friday

Okay i know that i have posted a lot of self portraits but A Military Mom has convinced me to play Self Portrait friday with her and all her friends. So, until the scanner gets hooked up I don't know how long I will be able to play but for now the theme for this Friday is doable.

Okay the first one is of my husband and i at our reception on May 15 2004. I guess you could count this at eating. I told him not to shove the cake in my face since his friend Marisa had spent an hour doing my make up. But with a little egging on from my lovely sisters (who later i beat up, Just Joking) he went ahead and did it anyways!

The next one's are of when me and my husband took a trip on the week of 9-15th for our one year anniversary, to Pennsylvania. We stopped at the Carnegie Science Museum. My husband tends to take pics of me eating all the time. It drives me nuts.

<-----This is of me eating a pretzle at the museum

<----This is me realizing he took a picture of me eating again!

<-----This is me just laughing about it.

So there you go. I think i did a good job for my first Self Portrait Friday! What do you think? The first picture i didn't have on my computer so i had to take a picture of the picture with my digital camera and upload it to my computer. A lot of work but i think it turned out okay. More pictures to come soon. I am loving this whole being able to post pictures!

Also make sure you go check out everyone else's photos for Self Portrait Friday. Just following the link from A Military Mom's site!