Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well I went back to work yesterday, after having the weekend off and surprisingly it went smoothly. I actually enjoyed being there. Big improvment from normal. However, i am not looking forward to the next three days.

Friday I am going over to my mom's house to work on a secret project. I can't discuss it here because someone reads this post and therefore it will ruin everything. But it should be rather enjoyable. I will let you all know about it as soon as someone else knows. Yes, Michelle, I am talking about you.

Mom was supposed to mail out Michelle's package today. So those Dark Chocolate M&M's should be arriving shortly Michelle!

I got a letter in the mail from Michelle yesterday. She was obviously bored when she wrote it. It really had no reasoning behind it. It was just a bunch of rambling, kind of like this blog. But it was nice to get a letter from her. Although now she has figured out my address so I have a feeling that i am going to have to start checking my mailbox before i open it to make sure that there is no ticking noise coming from it before i open it! Just kidding. She would be more likely to ship me a camel spider. If she can catch the one that chases her to work everyday. But i doubt she will because she seems to be pretty scared of them herself. So i guess i have nothing to worry about. Except for the birthday present that she said she mailed me. That she also said I shouldn't open in front of other people. It is probably Anthrax. Once again, just kidding. I don't want a whole bunch of people on my ass for that comment.

Due to the lack of comments on yesterdays post I am assuming one of two things...
1.) Nobody read it or...
2.) You all agree that I was like the ugliest baby ever and couldn't think of anything else to post. So in order to keep my feelings from getting hurt, you just didn't comment.

I will agree with anyone who falls under the number two category. I was a big, fat, ugly baby. However you can not deny the fact that I was the cutest toddler EVER! Point proven by this picture! Oh yes, you cannot deny the cuteness that is me as a toddler! I was freakin' adorable!

So anyways, that is about all that is going on for now. I must get ready to go to work. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!