Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pics post #2

So yesterday i figured out that they only way you can successfully post pics and text is by typing your text in first and then adding pics. For some reason if i tried to add text after i put the pictures in it would only save what i did before i added the pictures. Sucky computer. So here is another attempt at posting pictures. I have a lot for today.

First here is a picture with me and Tish's dog (my husbands friend) this dog is the most adorable thing EVER and i want one! This is currently what i look like (only now my hair is shorter)

Here is a picture with me and my niece last year

and another pic of my niece up to no good

Here is a pic of me and my husband on our honeymoon. We went to Tennessee and climbed Clingman's Dome, will never do that again.

Here is another pic of me and my husband on our honeymoon at a Cincinnati Reds Game.

Here is a pic of my husband's nephew Saije. He will be 5 next week. This is him at his 4th birthday party.

Here is another pic of me and Saije at my husbands family reunion

Here is a pic of my older sister Amber and my younger sister Michelle at my wedding. Amber is in front, Michelle is in the back (doesn't she look completely different out of BDU's). The girl to the left is Marisa (Dev's friend) she was one of my bridesmaids, her daughter was my flower girl. I was honored to have Michelle as my maid of honor at my wedding. We have shared so much, it was only appropriate to have her as my maid of honor on my big day. This was shortly after she got back from A.I.T and shortly before she got deployed!

This is her daughter Curran. Isn't she adorable?!?!?!?! I would have had my niece as my flower girl but she was only two at the time and just didn't understand that whole concept of walking down the ailse. She would have much rather ran and show off in front of everyone. She probably would have done the guns or the Cledus (only michelle and my mom will get that)!

Man i have been through a lot of hairstyles in the last year! I never noticed that. Now i just have to find a good pic of my mom. I don't have very many pictures of her. I have some that aren't on my computer and once i get my scanner hooked up i will post them. Now i have to get a shower and get ready to meet my husband for lunch. Then it is another fun night of work. i get to work by myself (running a whole department mind you) for 8 hours! YEAH! (how's that for sarcasm?) See you all tomorrow!