Friday, August 12, 2005

People are proven here.....

The title of this post does not mean that my sister and I prove that people are stupid because we we prove that people are stupid by linking to articles that show the stupidity of people. Make sense...well let me explain...

I went to go sign into my email, I found this interesting little story on the MSN homepage. Click here to read full story!

Apparently some guy thought that he could get away with having not one...not two...but THREE, yes THREE wives. That was until he had bypass surgery and they all ended up visiting him at the same time. Now he has to pay $126 fine. I have a feeling that after all is said and done it is going to cost him a lot more than 126 dollars. I have a feeling he is going to be shelling out a lot of money to pay for 3 divorces! I know that I wouldn't stick around with him if I was one of his three wives!

Also, some one answer this question for me. He married his first wife in 1966, his second in 1998 and his third in 2003. How in the hell did he keep all these women seperated for that long. And how the hell did he get away with this? I mean, hello, even if he had a job where he had to travel alot, wouldn't you kind of become suspicious if, let's say your his first wife, you are married to him for 32 years or so and he doesn't do a lot of traveling until one day his is gone for like weeks a time, then 5 years later he is gone for longer periods of time? I mean, come on are women really that oblivious to how things around them are? I mean I think I would notice if my husband was all of a sudden gone for weeks and weeks at a time. He must have had to work a hell of a lot to support three wives and three houses and three EVERYTHING! Jesus, this guy is a complete idiot. And frankly the people he married couldn't have been any smarter! I mean geez I would have started getting suspicious if my husband starting spending a lot of time away from the house. I really want to have a sit down chat with these women and ask them how the hell they didn't notice that their husband was married to two other people.

Then to make this article better... the guy MOVED BACK IN WITH HIS FIRST WIFE!! WTF, I would be kicking his ass out on the street. I am sorry but if i found out that my husband not only cheated on me once, but twice, AND MARRIED THEM BOTH!! Boy would I be pissed.

SO what do you think about this? I think that guy should have gotten fined a lot more than $126! Although I have a feeling he is going to be paying for a long, long, long, long, time! Eventhough his marriages aren't valid!