Monday, August 01, 2005

Okay another thing to add

I want to take the time now to properly thank FCC@V, mustang 23's girlfriend. This woman is amazing. I was trying to find Dark Chocolate M&M's to send to michelle. I couldn't find them anywhere. Anytime i would go out i would look at every store, gas station and CVS that i came across to see if i could find these things. But no luck. Then I read a post by Mustang 23 and i saw that he had got Dark Chocolate M&M's in a care package. I immediatly started trying to find out who sent them and where they got it from. FCC@V emailed me one day and said "hey if I can find them I will send them to you!" That was amazing in itself. But one day i get a message saying that she had picked some up and needed to know where to send them to. Well, since me and my mom were getting ready to put together another care package for my sister, i had her send them to me. AND SHE DID! I actually was a work on Saturday when they arrived. So i got a note in my mailbox saying that a package had arrived for me and they are holding it in the apartment office. Well, i didn't get a chance to pick them up Sunday because i had to be at work and the office closes at noon. So i am on my way out the door to pick them up now.

I just want to thank FCC@V for doing that for me. I just need to know how much i owe you for postage and for the M&M's. Mustang 23 if very lucky to have a woman like her. She is just freakin' awesome. So yeah, i wanted to thank her for doing that.

The only bad thing is. My mom thinks that the package cut off date is past. so i might just have to save them for her until she gets home. And don't worry i will save them for her. They are her's and they were sent specifically for her by a very awesome woman. So i will make sure that they are here for her when she returns home, if we are past the package cutoff date. I don't think we are. I think it is the end of August for packages and September 10th for letters.

Thank you FCC@V for doing that for me. You are a very thoughtful and amazing lady. Your support for our troops is awesome. Even for troops that you don't know. I am just amazed by you. Mustang 23 is very lucky to have found someone like you.