Sunday, August 07, 2005

ok update

ok sorry i havent said anything on this site very much but i am just really busy. we are so much closer to coming home that i cant contain myself.
april i bought your birthday present today...hah ha ha .... i will never tell you want it is.
anyways just thought that i would really let my sister know that i am still alive and doing well just back to not sleeping again. might have to go back and get some meds for this isomnia and them maybe i will be able to sleep. these nightmares are keeping me awake durning the daytime now which just totally sucks, i am not sure what to do anymore so i am starting to talk to some really nice people from one of the new units over here and they seem to be helping me our better than some of the people in my company... being the fact that some of the people in my company have never seen combat since we have been here and are not sure how to deal with me.. while the people from the new company this is their second time here.
anyways just thought that i would give somewhat of an update.

to my family- love you and miss you see you all soon.
april- enjoy your birthday present when it comes in the mail, and i will try to call you sometime this week. oh yeah i better see pics of alexis on here in the next couple of days because i miss that little turd. you know when see says stuff like..."AUNTIE SHELL IS IN IRAQA AND IS KEEPING THE BAD PEOPLE FROM COMING OVER HERE AND HURTING US" i almost cry everytime someone tells me that she says that.

hugs and kisses miss you and love you all