Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I just got out of bed. The first thing I did was get on here to see how mad Erik and Mustang 23 were about being tagged. But you know what that seems unimportant now. I don't care if they do the question thing or not. Because when I checked my comments I get a not from Erik saying that Some Soldier's Mom has been injured by a VBIED!!! What? WHAT? A million thoughts run through my head and I realize that I got to figure out what the heck happened. Is this for real? So i go over to Some Soldier's Mom's website and sure enough...last night her son got injured in a VBIED attack and is being operated on in Iraq! OH MY GOSH! Well, everything that I was upset about yesterday (which I might explain later, might not) seems so miniscule, so trivial compared to this.

So could everyone just take a few minutes and say a prayer (or whatever you do) for Some Soldier's Mom's son, SPC Noah Pincusoff, and for the rest of the family as well. I remember when my mom told me about Michelle getting injured by an IED and while not being a serious at Noah's injures it was still rough to hear about. Just pray for the family and really pray for Noah as he has a serious spinal injury and is being operated on in Iraq. Just lift the whole family up in prayer and go over to Some Soldier's Mom's website and leave her a message to let her know that you are thinking about them and praying for them.

I think that is all I am going to write for today. Why? Because this is important and I want to leave it up at the top of my site as long as I can. Everyone just pray!