Friday, August 12, 2005

New title!

So I got an email from Mustang 23 this afternoon. Apparently the army isn't giving him enough to do in Iraq because he made a new title graphic for me. Since I am only partially computer literate i guess it kind of worked out for me. My other title graphic was very boring. Anyways, I loved it so i decided to actually use it. So tell me what you think!?!?!?! Looks nice doesn't it? Okay well I am off to my mom's house to work on the surprise thing that michelle is dying to know about but i will not tell her until much later! MUCH LATER! So I will update when I get home. Lots going on! I am just not having a good week. But i will update later! Take care everyone and go over to Mustang's site and tell him how much you like the new graphic he made for me. If you don't like it then pooh on you and don't go say anything to Mustang. He is nice and well, he is almost like the big brother that i never had. Bet you didn't know that did you Mustang? So I will update later I am running late my mom is going to kill me! Gotta go!