Sunday, August 07, 2005

My nieces birthday part III

After much frusteration with trying to download all these pics (I hope you all appreciate them) here is the final post on my niece's birthday. I also appologize to those people who have slow computers. But this is mostly for Michelle, so i tried to get as many pics as i could. The rest of you can just cry about it later! Just Joking! I don't want any nasty emails. I am probably already going to get one from Mustang 23 for the Strawberry Shortcake references!

Cake Time! The girl in the purple's name is Emily. They just love eachother to death. They hung around eachother the whole time. When I got to the party Alexis saw me and was like "Hey emmy, my Auntie April is here." To which Emily replied, "who is April?" To which Alexis said, "She's my mommy's sister." I want from Auntie April to Amber's sister in like 10 seconds!

Present Time!
Here is her opening my present. I kept having to tell her to hold the stuff up and to move it out of the way of her face so i could take a picture! Emily wanted to play with the dolls. She grabbed them as soon as i snapped the picture! Nothing like Disney Princess AND Strawberry Shortcake!

More Presents!

Alexis and Me

Amber and Me (she looks a lot further along then a little under 10 weeks!)

All the kids! Minues Gabe who kept running away from the cameras!

My mom (with the short hair) and Amber's mother-in-law Cindy (with the long red hair)!

Alexis trying to act cool! I vote for just being goofy!

The final present was a brand new princess tricycle. It came complete with the Disney Princess' bike helmet and elbow/knee pads which she wouldn't wear!

So that is Alexis' 4th birthday party in pictures. Hope you enjoyed all of it. Probably the last time i do a picture post this big until November when I take a bunch of pictures of when Michelle comes home from Iraq! Or as Alexis would say Iraqa!