Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Nieces birthday Part II

So i just got back from my niece's 4th birthday party. It was very short but it was fun. My niece is such a cutie. Anyways, I got on the computer to download the pictures and got online while waiting for the pictures to download and michelle had put up a post. She threatened me to get these pictures up a.s.a.p so I decided to do this now. So here is Alexis' birthday party in pictures.

First off I had to make sure that Alexis' presents were properly packaged. Seeing as how I am posting this on my blogsite for Michelle to look at anytime she wants, i decided that I needed to make sure that I got a real good present bag. Knowing how much Mustang 23 loves Strawberry Short cake, and seeing as how he might see this post, i just had to put Alexis' present in this...

Here are a couple of pictures of my parents before we left. My mom hates having her picture taken and my dad had to somehow get a Harley photo in there....

When asked who's birthday it was, Alexis just pointed and said, "It's mine!" By the way, her shirt says, "my fingers might be small but i can still wrap my grandpa around them"

Here is a picture of my older sister Amber...better one of her will come later!
Apparently Alexis new that i was taking these pictures for my blogsite and knew how much Mustang 23 loves Strawberry Shortcake. Her swimsuit says it all. Apparently I didn't need the bag!

Here are pictures of all the kids swimming. The weather wasn't bad where my parents live. Thank God!

Here is the present table and the party set up!

The Disney Princess' cake and dinnerware!

Okay, I am going to have to have a part III to this post because there are too many pics. It will be under this one. So keep you eye out for it.

Here you go Michelle!! It's DONE!!! Well, half done! Michelle was nagging me about this on IM while i was trying to work on it. So now it is half done and she can just calm down. More to come later! ENJOY!

Now look below for My Niece's birthday Part III!