Saturday, August 06, 2005

My niece's birthday Part I

Okay so today is my niece's birthday party. I wake up to find that it is raining outside! Hopefully this does not put a damper on the day. My niece has been looking forward to her birthday party everysince she recieved a birthday present from Michelle in the mail a couple of weeks ago. That has been the topic of conversation for the last two weeks. She tells everyone that she is having a Disney Princess birthday party and that she got a present from Auntie Shell. If you ask her where Auntie Shell is at she will look at you and say "My Auntie Shell is in Iraqa fighting the bad guys. She has to fight them over there so that the bad guys do not come over here and get us. She has to keep us safe." It is so cute and yet so heartbreaking. And yes she does call it Iraqa. I have no idea why but that is how she pronounces it.

So since today is my nieces b-day here I have decided to leave you with this:

This is a picture of Alexis, taken last year, when she decided she was going to climb up on the back of my couch and pretend that she was a cat. She is so silly!

This is what i got my niece for her birthday. I hope she likes them!

And here are some pictures of her card. Which I am sure she will love!
1.) Because it is Cinderella!

2.) Because there is a way cool ball room on the inside!3.) There are paper dolls on the back that she can punch out and dress up and play with them on the ball room!

Don't you just love cards that double as gifts?!?!?!?!?! I know I do!

well i got to get moving. It is almost 10! I got to go get something to put my niece's gifts in. Get a shower. And get moving. I will have more pics later! Lucky you!