Saturday, August 13, 2005

My babies

okay, you guys have seen the rest of my family, now it is time to post pictures of my children. No, me and my husband have not had any babies, but my children are fish! Yes, i consider my fish to be my babies.

We started off with one fish whose name is Magnum, he is a betta.

Then we (actually I) got 4 more siblings for him to play with. I haven't named any of them yet! I got a...



and two neon tetras (these are my twins)

Yesterday, I went and got three more siblings for magnum to play with. Here they are, the newest addition to my family, the triplets..

they are Cory Catfish. I think I am going to name on of the Cory, one Kat and the other one Corky. Those names are not finalized yet. I am still working on names for the other fish. If you have any suggestions just let me know!

Sorry about the terrible quality of some of the pics. It is hard to get a fish to stay still long enough for me to take their picture.

So there you go. Now you have pretty much seen all of my family. Including my babies. Me and my husband have no actually children as of yet. We have only been married a little over a year, and plus Michelle threatened me by saying that I couldn't have any children until she got back from Iraq. That seems to be working to, because not being on birth control for a year and not having any children yet...well that is pretty lucky. So apparently having a sibling over in Iraq is the best form of birth control.

Well that is all for today I got to get ready to go to work! See you all later!