Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Michelle called...

At 3:08 this morning the phone rings. I nudge Dev (my husband) and am like "Honey the phones ringing it must be something important, you should get it!" Meanwhile I start falling back asleep!!!! WTF! I realize what I just said and I race out of the bed to answer the phone. I look at the caller I.D and it says "Unknown Name 312-730-****" Now if you try to call that number back it will not work because it goes to a calling card system! Anyways, I almost didn't pick up the phone because everyone that I know that actually calls here, there name pops up on the caller ID. Then, somewhere in my unfunctioning brain, something clicks and I am like "Maybe it is Michelle!" So I pick it up:

Me: "Hello"
Michelle: "Holy hell, you actually answered your phone"
Me: "Huh, um, yes"
Michelle: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Um, (yawn), well, um, besides sleeping....nothing."
Michelle: "Well I just wanted to call you real quick. I am headed to Mission Rediness"
Me (Finally waking up enough to hold a conversation): "What are you doing?"
Michelle: "Going to Mission Rediness"
Me: "What's that for?"
Michelle:"To get me ready to go on a mission" (Insert duh here)
Me: "Oh, when do you go?"
Michelle: "Tomorrow morning" (Iraqi time)
Me: "Oh, is this your first one?"
Michelle: "Yep"
Me: "Well you will do just fine. It will be okay"
Michelle: "Yeah, well I just wanted to call real quick and say that I love you guys and I will call later today before I head out"
Me: "Well what time to do think you will call?" (like that is really any concern for her. She doesn't know this stuff. But remember guys I am on like 2.5 hours of sleep trying to hold a conversation with someone who is thousands of miles away)
Michelle: "Well, I don't know"
Me: "I was just wondering because I got to be at work at 1" (Why the h-e-double hockey sticks did i even say that)
Michelle: "Well you will definetly be home by the time I call"
Me: "Okay"
Michelle: "I already called mom and dad today. So I got to talk to them."
Me: "Cool"
Michelle - proceeds to tell me an interesting story about seeing someone and told me not to mention names, kind of keep it hush hush (I think you know who you are if you are reading this!)
Me:"That's cool! What did you guys talk about!"
Michelle: "Nothing really they just knew that I was having a bad day. I thought I was in trouble at first. I had no clue who that person was."
Me: "That's funny and cool that you got to talk to them."
Michelle: "yeah it was. Well hey sis I got to get going. We are getting ready to head for Mission Rediness"
Me: "Okay, you stay safe!"
Michelle: "I will. It will be fine."
Me: "I know"
Michelle: "I love you sis and I will try to call later today!"
Me: "Love you to. Night"
Michelle: "Night"
*End Conversation*

I then go back to bed and cry for a bit knowing that later today Michelle will be on her way on her fist mission since her accident. I send a huge prayer up to the Lord asking Him to put His hand over her and keep her safe and just to protect her and everyone else who is going on that mission. I ask Him to give her the strength to do it (eventhough I know that Michelle is one strong chicka) and then I cry some more and look over at the clock and see that it is only 3:10, seems like the phone conversation was longer then that. Then I cry some more and fall back to sleep and wake up at 7:30!

Man it was so nice to get to talk to her. Especially before she goes out on her first mission since April. I just pray that everything goes okay. I will let you guys know if I talk to her tonight.