Sunday, August 14, 2005


alright so finally the computers in iraq are up and working for once. so i thought that i would take this chance to say something on here. not to much is going on here we are finally starting the whole packing eventhough we were told not to do it yet because its 2 months early. but i said why wait because if we do it when they want us to start packing then we will be hauling ass to get all the stuff packed that we need packed and then our living areas will be a mess when we leave... because personally i will leave all the stuff that i dont want just laying on the floor for someone else to have. Anyways i am just so excited that my year here i almost done. i cant wait to go home and see all my family...and beat april at racing games on the playstation (yeah thats right you are going to loose i have been practicing over here with those racing games). anyways not much else is going on over here. just wanted to give an update and find out what april and my mom are doing that they cant tell me april come on i will not tell mom that you told me i will blame it on someone else that knows. write more later