Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to you...

Today is my mom's birthday! Michelle already let the cat out of the bag a while ago, so I don't feel bad telling you that she is now 44. My mom looks really young for 44, I think she looks like she is in her early 30's. So anyways, today is my wonderful mom's birthday. She is on vacation in Michigan with my dad until the 7th or 8th of September so I am sad that i won't get to see her on her birthday but I already wished her a Happy Birthday via phone.

I called my mom this morning and sang "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone. Once she unplugged her ears she said "thank you". I just told her that I was sorry that she had to hear that first thing in the morning and then warned her that she would have to hear it again later when she checked her voice mail because i couldn't get ahold of her the first time on her cell phone, so I had to call dad's. She sounded like she was going to cry from the agony of knowing she would have to hear that butchered rendition of "Happy Birthday" again. But anyways my mom's birthday is today so go over to her site and leave her a Happy Birthday message! When my mom gets back from vacation I am taking her out for supper and then we are going to go watch a movie together for her birthday! Why? Because I think things like that are better than getting presents. Plus, me and my mom have never went a watched a movie together, just the two of us. So it will be nice.

My mom is kind of bummed because Michelle might not call. For some of you who don't know, Michelle made the very brave decision last week to go back out on the road! No, her commander did not tell her that she had to, this brave little chica decided, BY HERSELF, that she was going to do this! My mom called me on Tuesday to let me know and I just cried. I know that she is safe where she is at now (in camp) and I was just sad that she was going to be risking everything again. I also cried because i was so proud of her for doing it. It had to have taken a lot of guts to make that decision. She hasn't been on the road since April and WOW I just don't know what to say. She was supposed to start back out either this past Friday or sometime this week. So we are pretty sure that she has been out on the road by now. So yeah, mom doesn't think she will get a birthday call from Michelle. But I am sure that Michelle will get a hold of her, if not today then sometime this week. Just please pray for Michelle as this is going to be a tough week for her. Pray for my mom for a wonderful birthday.

So go over to my mom's site (I will leave a birthday message there) and leave her your birthday wishes! You all have a wonderful day! SO...