Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Cause

I don't post stuff like this very often but I think because it is helping to support our troops then I should post it. There is a project called Project Valour-IT, which stand for Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops. You can read more about it by clicking the link. Project Valour-IT
"provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse"
One of my favorite bloggers, Chuck Ziegenfuss, better known as From My Position...On The Way is one of the many inspirations behind this project. He was injured in Iraq by an IED and was unable to type due to the extent of his injuries. But with a little help from Voice-Controlled Software he has been able to keep us all updated on his condition through his blogsite. It is just a wonderful thing that the people behind Project Valour-It are doing.

I just encourage everyone, whether you support this war or not, to at least take some time to look at this site and consider donating to a good cause. This is not about supporting the war. This is about supporting injured troops. Making it so that injured soldier's can send and recieve email from friends and loved one. Can type letters to their supporters to let them know how they are doing. To continue to blog so that the people who read their blogsites daily can be updated on their condition. This is about showing support for our troops. Not about if you think we should be in Iraq or not. People who don't support the war still think that we should be helping and supporting our troops. Well this is one way to do so. Whether you donate or not, just at least check it out. And if you have a blogsite,link to it and let other people know about it.
You can go to Argghhh!'s site to find out more about it. Just click the link! I saw it over at Mustang 23's site as well!

For those of you who don't know, on April 22nd 2005, my sister was in a convoy and they ran over two IED's killing my sister's best friend, and brother in arms, Gavin J. Colburn. (Click on the name to read more about it). Michelle was not seriously injured, but had she been, if she would have been injured to the point where she couldn't type emails to family and friends, I know that I would have found a way to get her a voice activated laptop so that she would have been able to keep in contact with everyone who could not have been able to come and visit her. I thank God everyday that she wasn't injured to that point. I am thankful that she survived and will be home soon. But I just ask that you at least check out this site and prayerfully consider donating to it if possible. If you are unable to donate, at least spread the word around!

That is all I am going to say about this. The rest is up to you. Check out the site, decide what you are going to do. The only other thing I am going to say is something that i was told senior year in high school by my goverment teacher....

"It is your life, make the most of it."