Monday, August 01, 2005

Crappy day and it has just begun

i got a really crappy nights sleep last night. If you read my previous post you will understand why. I missed my sister, Michelle's, call to my home not once but twice. What kind of a crappy sister am i that i can not wake up to answer the phone. I just feel terrible about it. You see Michelle very rarely calls my house. She usually either calls mom first or her boyfriend Tony. So anytime she actually calls me that is really awesome and just a really special thing. So i am totally pissed at myself that i missed her call twice. I worked until 10 p.m. last night at got to be about 12:30. Michelle called at like 2 a.m. So, i was out when she called. I didn't hear the phone ring the first time but I heard the end of her message. At first I thought it was my husbands sister calling. At 2 in the morning they sound alike. So i didn't even get up to go check on it. I fall back asleep but then i hear the phone ringing again. My husband tells me about it and i try to get up but for some reason i can't. And then i hear the answering machine pick up. And that is when i hear a very dissapointed Michelle on the other end. "Well, I give up, I just wanted to talk to you and to say hi. I guess you aren't picking up. I will try to get up in the morning and call again. Bye" Sadness, i feel like the crappiest sister on the face of the earth for not waking up to get her call. It just totally sucks. And I will probably beat myself up over this until she calls again. I mean it is one thing missing her call when you are not at home. But missing a call because your ass is to lazy to get out of bed and answer the phone is another thing. I should have known that nobody calls at 2 in the morning unless it is important. And therefore i should have gotten up. Why didn't I? GRRRRRRRRRRR!! Anyways, i have started sleeping with the cordless phone by my pillow now. I didn't get much sleep last night because i would wake myself up like every half hour and check the caller I.D to make sure that i didn't miss another call. So the next time she calls I will be there. Make i hate myself for missing that call.

Michelle, if you read this message, i have to be at work at 1:30 so I leave at 12:45 (that is Ohio time). If you call after then you can call me at work. I think you have the number there. I will leave it on your Yahoo messaging for you. I don't get out until like 9 or 9:30, so you can call after 10-10:30. I am so sorry that i missed both of your calls! But i still love you!

Also, today is my older sister's b-day. She is now 25! So i want to wish her a happy birthday!

Yeah, the next couple of months are busy with birthdays and such.

August 1st-Amber's b-day
August 10th- my niece turns 4
August 29th- my mom's b-day
September 1st- my parent's 26th anniversary
September 17th- michelle's boyfriend Tony's birthday
October 3rd- Michelle's 21st b-day and my 23 b-day (it is so nice to share a birthday with her)
October 6th-My mother-in-law's b-day
November- Michelle comes home and Thanksgiving
December- My husband's b-day on the 17th, Christmas and New Year's
Nothing after that until... 2006
April 12th- Dad's b-day
May 15th- Me and my husband 2nd wedding anniversary
July 4th- Obvious
end of july- my great-grandma Rice's b-day
and then the cycle starts all over again... I know there is more in there but i can't remember when my grandma Pfister's birthday is

So yeah, present buying starts in April and end's in December CRAZY!!!

Okay i got to get moving this morning. Everyone pray for me as i am just having a really crappy day, mostly because i missed my sister's phone call. I got up at 9:30 so yeah, it is sad that the day is crappy and i have only been up an hour. I have tomorrow off of work though so that should help.

Tomorrow, i am taking my mom out for lunch in the afternoon. She told me that she has been craving SubWay and even though i am not a big fan of it, i decided that i would take her there tomorrow since no one else wants to go. It will be nice to have some mother daughter time.

I will let you know if i hear from michelle today. Hopefully she calls or something. I miss talking to her so much.

Talk to all of you later.

~April~ (very depressed and very upset with herself)

added* tony's birthday on september 17th