Sunday, July 31, 2005

update from IRAQ

ok not much to say today, just wanted to give alittle update. I am finally sleeping longer with out any meds. I couldnt ask for more. See when everything happened in april with spc colburn i went in a real slump , i wasnt eating or sleeping. so i was sent up north for medical evaluation when they diagnosed me with so much stuff, acute stress reaction, anxioty, panic attacks, insomnia... and the lise goes on. so therefore they gave me some sleeping pills to calm down my reoccuring dreams of April 22nd. now dont get me wrong i still dream about what happened i have just learned to coltrol my dreams and not wake up screaming from them anymore. Anyways... so now i am sleeping without all the meds.
but today things kidof set in again. i woke up at 11:30 pm and decided that it was time to go talk to my battle buddy. i walked all the way over to his door and when i went to go knock i relized that he isnt there to talk to me anymore when i am feeling down. that is when i really miss gavin the most.
anyways things are going better and like i said before i just am taking everything one day at a time. i stopped talking to the combat stress unit here because i feel like they dont know what the fuck they are talking about.. which just pisses me off because they are supossed to be there for people/ soldiers who have been throgh a rough time.
i am so ready to get out of this heat and back to the beautiful ohio wheather, and of course be home for the birth of my new niece or nephew... april i am also leaning tword and nephew from the way everyone is talking about how big she already is. by the way when can i expect babies from the shah side of the pfister family.
anyways 100 days or is it less i dont fucking know they keep switching the day everyday.. last count was 103 days so i hope that is the right count.
just thought i would update everyone... almost done cant wait.
ill write more later.

spc michelle e pfister
q-west iraq