Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fun times

Hey everyone,
I know i haven't posted in a while. Been busy with work and life stuff...I know I know that really isn't an excuse. If people who are fighting a war can find time to blog almost daily then i should be able to blog like two or three times daily. Anyways... A little update on stuff happening in the Shah/Pfister world....

Well, this first update is more for Michelle because she is kind of being left out of the loop on the whole situation. Not on purpose, but just because there really isn't much to tell about it... Okay.... My older sister is pregnant with her "second" child. Michelle will understand why I put second in quotation marks! Anyways, she is only supposivly 9 weeks along but she looks like she is about 5 months. So yeah, either she is further along than what she is, or... SHE'S HAVING TWINS!!! If the latter turns out to be true then i will be truely pissed. Mostly because this girl can't afford the kid she has. Also, I just don't think that they will be able to handle twins when they have trouble handling one. Yes, they might be able to take care of another one considering that Alexis is almost 4 (Will be on the 10th of August). But i just don't think that they could handle having two kids in diapers and a four year old who is used to having all the attention and now doesn't! Plus if there experiance with pets is any indication of parenting skills, well Michelle can attest to the fact that they fail miserably when it comes to that test!

Amber will find out tomorrow if she is having twins or if they just messed up her due date. So yeah, keep your eyes glued to this blog. Because come tomorrow around 10:30 there might be either one relieved, or one really angry and really long blog on here around that time.

Okay....getting away from that subject... my husband got a new job, closer to home, at Home Depot here in Faiborn. It seemed like a good ideal at first until he actually got the job. He is part time, getting like 16-24 hours a weeks, and to top it off... he only gets paid every two weeks. Which personally SUCKS! It is making it real hard on us because now we are cutting corners in every way to try to make my pay check last until the next week. To make matter 100 times worse, his first week there they didn't process his infomation on time. So he didn't get paid for almost 4 weeks. THAT SUCKED BIG TIME!!!! So it has come down to he either needs to get a new job, again, or he needs to get a second part-time job. Trust me, I am not going and getting another job, did that once while going to school full time. Yeah, that sucked at well. I was going to school full time and working over 40 hours a weeks. NOT COOL!

Okay something postive.... my family is growing. The other week my fishy Magnum got some new friends to play with, plus better living quarters. He moved from a 2.5 gallon tank to a 20 gallon tank. He was by himself for a couple of days and then the new house mates moved in. He now has four new friends to chase around. I got two neon tetras, a harliquin rasbora, and a platy. Everyone says that male Bettas (which is what magnum is) are really agressive. But to my delight, Magnum has only chased the Rasbora and the Platy around the tank. He doesn't try to bite them or harm them, he just plays chase. Most of the time he spends either playing in the new bell that is at the bottom of the tank, or he guards the stream of water that comes out of the filter. He gets totally pissed off if any of the other fish come near the filter. He chases them to the other side of the tank and then goes back to guarding. But yeah, no one is missing any parts to fins or tails. So yeah, so far so good.

Michelle is so much closer to coming home. I am so happy about that. Man, do i miss her. I am not just saying this because i know that she will read it. I miss her a lot. I miss our late night girl talk sessions. When we used to stay up late at night (we shared a room for well, all our lives until Amber moved out, so that would be 14 or so years) and get yelled at by mom because we would be talking to loud, laughing to loud, or just being generally annoying. So yeah she is like 90-something days from being home. It is a great relief for me. I was used to her being over there and then she had an accident in April. WOW, every sense then i have been in a panic. My only prayer is that she focuses on her job now and not the fact that she is coming home. I just want her to get her job done, get it done right and get home safe. I don't want her doing her job but focusing more on coming home and then making a mistake that could get her in major trouble. She just needs to stay focused on her job and then in her spare time she can think about coming home. There is alot more that i am going to post about later on my sister because there is some stuff that I think i need to say about her and about us and everything, and that is going to be a long and emotional post. Look forward to that tomorrow.

As for my dad and his busted up arm. It is healing nicely. For those of you who don't know, on Memorial Day my dad had a little accident with a mini-bike and broke his shoulder blande and his collar bone on his right arm. I didn't post anything about it on here because Michelle had to be notified first. Trust me when Michelle found out about it she made sure he was okay and then basically called him and idiot. How it happened was, he was selling the mini-bike, decided to take it for a spin, the "for sale" sign started to slip off, he tried to grab it, lost control and...well screwed up his arm pretty bad. 12-weeks of healing!!! Or driving my mom nuts, which ever way you want to look at it. Anyways, now he barely wears the sling anymore. He goes to the doctors on the 3rd of August. So pray that we get good news then. He went to Kings Island on Thursday the 21st with mom, michelle's boyfriend Tony, my husband Dev, and myself. I got free tickets from work! YEAH! But yeah, he went and had fun and his arm really didn't bother him that much. He didn't ride very many rides. Just White Water Canyon (twice) and then him and mom hung out at the water park later in the day while Dev, Tony and I walked around. So yeah, he is doing better and I can't wait until he can do stuff on his own. As i am sure my mom is looking forward to as well. A point in time where my mom will not have to cut his food, give him a bath, or listen to him whine to get him stuff. He uses his arm as a reason to not have to do anything for himself sometimes I think!

I can't think of anything else at the moment. As for me, i had the last two days off. Didn't do much. Just birthday shopping for my older sister and my nieces birthday presents, as well as my mom's b-day present. My older sister turns 25 on the 1st of August. My niece will be 4 on the 10th of August (having her b-day party on the 6th) and my mom's b-day is on the 29th of August (I will not say how old she will be, i mean how young she will be. For fear that if she reads this...well, you would only be hearing from Michelle if i posted my mom's age on here). I love my mom!

So that is all from the Shah/Pfister front. I will post more tomorrow! As I am sure i will have lots to say. So yeah, get ready for another lengthy post! SORRY! Until next time...

God bless and take care!

~Philemon 6~