Saturday, July 30, 2005

For those of you who are wondering

With all the other blogging i have been doing lately, i almost forgot to update you all on my sister Amber and her prenancy. Anyways, she went to the doctor's monday and, Praise the Lord, she is only having one. So that leaves only one possible explination for why she looks like she is about 5 months along, when she is only like 9 weeks. They must have screwed up her due date right? RIGHT! Well, sort of right. Anyways, her original due date was for the beginning of February. Now, she is due, get this......


WTF? They pushed her due date back! I am guessing that she is having a boy because a girl would be sympathetic and not make her mom gain a whole bunch of weight all at once. So we will see if my boy prediction is right.

I am not really feeling like blogging much today. So my continued post on michelle will have to wait until either tonight or tomorrow morning. I am working on 7 days in a row of work and i am rather grumpy today. I hate my job! I wish i could just quite! Not possible unless i can find a job that will pay me close to the same amount and still give me 40 hours a week.

Anyways, I got to go get ready to go to the craphole that is my job!

talk to you all later!