Monday, July 25, 2005

aprils sister

hi my name is michelle pfister i am aprils little sister who is currently deployed in iraq. things are going good here and my time here is almost over. i asked april if i could post something on her site and she told me that people might think that it is cool to hear something from over here. these past couple of months have been really difficult with the lose of a close friend, spc gavin james colburn, and of course being by his side when he died, actually being in the same truck with him and watching him die in my lap. anyways i just thought i would let the people that my sister talk to know that i am alright and that i will be on my way home within the next 100 days. i cant wait to come home and see my family and friends its been a long time. well got to go and get back to work. just thought that i would also let people know that this 130 degree tempuratures really suck. anyways have a nice day i will keep everyone posted on my coming home.