Sunday, June 12, 2005


All I have to say about this post is I hope they find the stupid person who did this. This story is so heartbreaking. A soldier, home on leave from Iraq, gets killed by some person who can't control his temper. And to make matters worse, this all happens in front of this Soldiers wife and his wife's 3-day-old baby.

Major K. has the story here.

Here is the news article about it.

Authorities ask that anyone with information about Urrea's whereabouts call 911 or the Murrieta Police Department at (951) 696-3615.

I just hope that they find the person who did this. It is bad enough to lose someone while they are in Iraq fighting for our country. It is even worse to lose someone while they are home on leave for the birth of a child. All because people don't know how to properly deal with confrontational situations. GRRR this just really ticks me off to no extent.

I will keep the family of Specialist Jorge Estrada, the NightStalkers, the Estrada family, and the whole army in my prayers. This just sucks!