Friday, June 03, 2005

So much stuff so little time...

So i have been looking around the Blogger site, just to see what was out there, and boy am i glad I did.

1) First off,
For you daily dose of f**king hilarious s**t. Go over to this site.

Daily Dancer

This guy is freaking insane. But i love it. It makes me laugh and that is a good thing. I just think that it is great that this guy is so comfortable with himself that he can just dance in front of the whole internet. It is great, really go check it out. I am sure the people that live around him thoroughly appreciate the loud music and the jumping around. But oh well, it is daily entertainment. I LOVE IT!! Thanks to Beth and Mustang 23 for pointing this one out!

2.) On a more serious note, okay maybe not, well maybe. I am not sure how serious either of these people are about this. But Mustang 23 and The National Guard Experiance are having a little fight over beef jerky. I am not sure who i agree with. I will have to let both of them persuade me to join their team. So come on guys convince me! It is just hilarious. Head on over to both of their sites and catch up on all the Beef Jerky madness.

Apparently both side have taken on new blog accounts just for this little war (not like they both aren't already in Iraq fighting a war). Whatever takes your mind off of it guys. Anways, Mustang 23 now has a site called Bloggers for Beef Jerky. And The National Guard Experiance has one called Beef Jerky For Dummies.

Sorry boys i am still going to need a little convincing on whose side i should join. My sister says she loves getting Beef Jerky Packages because it is easy to eat when you are headed out on a mission. However, she also says that she sometimes gets kind of sick of Beef Jerky. So whose side should i join? CONVINCE ME!!!

3.) on a definetly serious note. Dadmanly, a first Sargent in Iraq, has a wonderful post about how military units form "families" while serving in a time of war. I have found this to be very true, especially when it comes to my sister. My sister is serving with the 542nd TC Co. out of Kingsbury Indiana. She says that she is getting along with people who she never thought she would every be able to work with. I guess when your family is thousands of miles away you have to find something to temporarily take their place. You should really go read his post it is wonderful. It is called "We Are Not the Same"

Okay, so everyone go check out these good reads.

Mustang 23 and The National Guard Experiance.... START YOUR DEBATE!!! Why do you think i should join your side?

Post more later. Right now i got a bunch of trackbacks to do. God bless you all

~April M. Shah