Thursday, May 05, 2005

So people actually do read this.

So i get up this morning, eat breakfast, and debate whether or not i should get online (i am a bit of a computer addict). I decide that i would get online just to check and see if my sister had emailed me anything. So i open my email and there is this letter....


I left you a message on my blog about your new blog.

you are doing a good thing in helping your sister through this mess. she needs support from home.

thanks for what you are doing

Mustang 23
Assumption of Command "

Interesting, I didn't think anyone but Michelle had read this, or for that matter would read this.
So I click over to the site and this is what I read...

Click here to read full story

Wow interesting. I didn't think anyone would really care to read that post. Considering it was the length of a novel. I am surprised someone actually read that all the way through. Thank you to Mustang 23 for actually taking the time to read that.

If you really want homemade cookies i need an address to send them to. You deserve them :)

Seriously i actually enjoy reading his blogs. They are interesting. I thank him for posting.

Onto other subjects (well sort of)...
I have been talking with Michelle on Instant Messaging every chance I get. I will take this time now to apologize to her for not getting back on when i said i would. Had every intention but sometimes stuff happens. It is just nice to actually be able to talk to her more now. At least when I talk to her on a somewhat daily basis I know that she is okay. Just a note, if you and another person are sharing pictures over IM make sure that you know which ones you are sending. Sometimes if they are not labeled by words it can be a little confusing.

Michelle seems to be doing much better. Well, at least I think so. I know this is hard for her but she is actually taking it so well. I am proud of her for hanging in there and doing what she needs to do to get the job done. I know that it is going to take her a while to get back to normal, but i feel as though she is making progress. She is currently working on a project which is a slide show about Gavin. I am proud of her for doing that. I think it will help her in the healing process. Hopefully she gets whatever was wrong with it fixed soon. She had sent it to me but the pictures that she downloaded to the pages wouldn't show up. The only thing that showed up were her introduction slide and her credits slide. So i have no clue what is wrong. I probably could figure it out if I was there with her but, unfortunatly, I am not. So hopefully she can figure out what is wrong on her own, or maybe someone there can help her. If anyone knows how to use Microsoft Movie Maker, email Michelle and give her some suggestions.

Also, I have recieved quite a few emails from people who have left messages on this site. This is a website where people can go and leave messages to Gavin's family and friends. It is really wonderful.

So as i was saying, I have recieved quite a few emails from people who have left messages there. The support has just been amazing. I thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and feelings and just being so supportive. One person that I have been keeping in touch with on an regular basis (well as often as I can) is a Mr. Andrew West. This guy has just been amazingly supportive and helpful. He is really interested in meeting Michelle when she comes home. He is just the sweetest person I have met. It has really helped me deal with the whole incident.

Andrew started a memorial site for Gavin that I suggest everyone should go check out. It is located here. It is just a wonderful site with lots of stories and memories of Gavin. Please go check it out if you get the chance.

If you can't tell I love linking things. Just thought I would add that. Anyways, I got to get going. Got to go back to work today, had yesterday off. Last day off for the next four. Next week I am on VACATION for four days. Can't wait. I will update later.

April M. Shah
~Philemon 6~