Saturday, May 07, 2005

Good afternoon...I think

It is May Days here in lovely Fairborn, Ohio. I live at the center of all the stupid drunkin parties. Wonderful! (not really). So i get home last night from work at about 10:30 and there are a thousand (maybe more) drunkin teenagers wondering the parking lot of my apartment complex. Not to mention the 20 or so fairborn police officers and sheriffs, who by the way were also blocking my mailbox. GRRRR! I have nothing against drinking and getting drunk but please, if you are going to do that don't be stupid about it. I am doing 35 down the street to my apartment complex and this group of college kids just walk out, without even looking, right in front of my car. If i would have hit them i would have probably got cited for it seeing as i should have know that there would be a bunch of stupid drunk college students out wondering the streets. So yeah, i had a good day up until that point. I had to get up early this morning and of course the shouting of people outside really didn't help me get much sleep. So i ended up waking up later then what i wanted to. I can not wait until this is all over Sunday. If you are going to drink, please just congregate at someones house. DON'T WANDER THE STREETS AT MIDNIGHT!!! Unless of course you are coheirent enough to actually look for moving cars. Onto a different subject.

I get home and was going to talk to michelle online last night. For some strange reason she wasn't online. I even got home earlier then what i told her i would be. I wonder what happened? Must have had something come up. Just hope everything is all right. I was really worried because when she says she is going to be online, she is always there, but for some reason last night she wasn't. I finally just calmed myself down and just thought that maybe she got off of work early and was actually either a) getting some much needed sleep or b) getting something to eat. That girl, i swear, she is back to not eating. So i am guess i am going to have to send her some cookies. Some of you know what i am talking about there. I keep explaining to her that she needs to eat so that she can get to feeling better and so that she can be able to perform daily functions but for some reason she just won't eat.

Also, she has had very little sleep since April 22nd. She said she just can't sleep due to the fact that everytime she closes her eyes she only sees the accident. When she does get sleep, she only sleeps for a couple of hours and then says that she wakes up screaming. I don't know how we are going to handle this when she gets home. She really needs to start talking to someone about all of this. But, stubborn as she is, she won't do that either. Any suggestions on what i should do to help her? I just don't understand why she has to go through this. No one should ever have to go through what all our soldiers are going through over in Iraq. It is just rediculous. Hopefully it will be over soon and our soldiers will be home safe and sound. Until that day i will just have to continue praying for their safe return home and ask for God's guidance for each soldier.

So i sent a letter to Gavin's mom on Wednesday. Boy was that hard to write. I stood at the mailbox for about 10 minutes debating if i should actually mail the thing or not. I mean, the funeral and everything is over and i am sure that she just wants to move on from all of this. I hope that my letter doesn't upset her! So any of you who read this, just pray that Gavin's mom understands that i didn't send that letter to upset her. I did it because i wanted to let her know how thankful I am for what her son did for my family and for my sister. I will let you know if i hear anything back from her. Although, i am not expecting to.

Well, i got to get ready to go to work. I will write more later!