Monday, October 17, 2005

I've been tagged (and am finally getting around to doing it!)

Okay so yesterday I was tagged by Five Little Ducks and I was going to post after I got off of work but was too tired to do it. So now I am finally getting around to doing it. So here are the rules:

Rules -
1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or the closest one to it)
4. Post the text of your sentence in your blog along with these rules.
5. Tag five other people.

Okay So my 23rd post was titled "Tragedy In London" on Friday July 08, 2005. I am sure that all of you know what that post was about.

The fifth sentence of that post was "I just can't believe that this happened to the British people."

Man, that brings back memories of just being in shock of what happened in London with the bombings. It was just terribly sad. Especially because it brought back the feelings of the September 11th tragedy.

okay, well I won't depress you all with talking about that. Umm... I guess I got to tag five people. So here we go:

1.) Erik Holtan- because it will be funny to see what his 23rd post, 5th sentence will be. It is probably something that will mentally scar us all.

2.) My Mom- well for her I am going to say her third post, fifth sentence.

3.) A Military Mom- because I just want to!

4.) Assumption of Command- because he didn't do my last tag and I will continue to tag him until he actually does it!

5.) Some Soldier's Mom- just because!

So there we go guys! I did my tag now you better do yours! Just follow the rules! I am sure that some of you will kick my butt later for it! OH WELL!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I have been tagged by Five Little Ducks! GRRR! I will do it later as I have to get to Sunday School. So look for my post tonight after 10 p.m. I got to go to church and then straight to work afterwards so I do not have time to post it now. But thanks for tagging me! One day I will get you back! Anyways, i got to finish getting ready. I am running behind like usual. But I just wanted to acknowledge that I did see that I got tagged. I will do it trust me! Unlike someone who I tagged a while back and he never got to it. And I will do it normally unlike someone who I tagged a while back and he gave the worst answers ever just to make me never tag him again! I just don't have time to do it now. See you all later!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

okay here's the deal

I haven't updated in about a week because I have been fighting a horrible head cold that has made me not want to do much of anything. I was going to blog on Thursday last week but felt like crap and just wanted to sit around all day and do a bunch of nothing. So I did! Friday, Saturday and Sunday I felt the same way. Well, actually Friday, Saturday and Sunday the cold got worse and so I really couldn't do much of anything except cough and sneeze and let my eyes water. Monday it was to the point that my eyes were watering sooo bad that by the end of the day it had looked like I had done nothing but cry all day. Which I felt like doing because I had a headache so bad from my sinus' that I wanted to cry. My eyes were so swollen and puffy and red that it just looked really bad. Tuesday things started clearing up. And today I feel a lot better. Just a little bit of a cough left. The nose is a little stuffy but not to bad. No headache and no watery eyes. So I think I will be over this thing by tomorrow.

Sunday I was feeling so bad that I had to call my mom at 8 in the a.m to let her know that she needed to let the pastor know that I wasn't coming to Sunday School or Church so he needed to find someone to teach my Sunday School class. I know, short notice, but Saturday I had every intention of going. I woke up Sunday, got in the shower, got out and felt like I was going to puke (you all needed to know that right?) So I decided that I would rather not pass whatever I had to the rest of the kids in Sunday School. So I stayed home.

Now, seeing as I didn't want to spread this cold monster, I decided that I shouldn't go into work Sunday as well. I work in the Meat and Seafood department, which means that I handle other people's food. So I really didn't want to chance going into work and making everyone else sick. So I call work and this is the conversation (MIC stands for Manager in Charge for those of you who don't know store lingo)

MIC: "This is ******* can I help you?"
Me: "Yeah *******, this is April! Umm, I won't be able to come into work today. I am really sick and I just won't be able to make it into work."
MIC: "Oh man, you really don't sound good. Sounds like you got a nasty cold. Umm, hold on."
Me: "Okay"
1.5 minutes later
MIC: "April, I am sorry but could you please try to come into work. You are the only one working on second shift and well, there is no one else to cover for you. **** took the day off and an unpayed day off and I don't really want to call them in. So could you just try to come in."
Me: "Well, I could try to come in but you see, I am like really sick. I mean I am sneezing, coughing, my eyes are all watery, i am about to throw up. I work around other people's food and I am sure that they wouldn't want someone who is sick handling their food. But if you would like me to spread this around to everyone else then sure I can try to come in."
MIC: "I understand that you are sick, but you see, you are the only one working tonight and I don't want to make someone come in on their requested day off. So just please try. If you don't come in I will have to consider this as a no call no show."
Me: "But I called in well over an hour before my shift. So you can't count it as a NCNS."
MIC: "yeah, I will have to if you don't show up."
Me: "Fine whatever, i will infect everyone else in the store. I will try to be there."
MIC: "Thanks. Bye"
Me: "Whatever" -hangs up phone.

Now I am sorry but that is a bunch of bull crap. MIC just basically wanted to make sure that their butt was covered. So I ended up going into work. I run into MIC and they tell me that I really look sick and whatnot and I just ingnore them like "what you thought i was joking." Then MIC passes by me later when I am sooo busy that I can't really keep up with everything. Tells me that it should die down in a little bit and tacks on three more tasks for me to do once it dies down and WALKS AWAY! Doesn't even stop to help at all, knowing dang well that I have no one there to help me. GRRRRR! I hate my job! But that is how they are! Always looking out for themselves. So I left at my appointed time, my department look like crap and I just didn't even call MIC to tell them I was leaving, which is what you are supposed to do every night before you leave. Why the heck should I call someone who doesn't even really care about me to let them know that i am leaving. Let them come down and see that my department is a mess themselves. They didn't want to help me when i was swamped earlier and had no help. So they can find someone to fix it. I know not very christian of me, but i was sick and grumpy and wanted to go home and sleep. They have been complaining to us about over time. Saying that we can't have any over time, even 15 minutes, so why should I bother to call. If they tell me to stay I will just be like "hey, we can't have overtime." Because if I do stay then I will get bitched at by some other manager the next day because I had overtime. So yeah, ummm....RANT OVER! I hate my job, end of story!

So, I am hoping that I am over this whole cold thing by tomorrow! I hate being sick. I just want to get back to my normal self. So if you were wondering where i have been...there you go. That has been my week. Now I have to go tonight and deal with the demon spawn at A.W.A.N.A's. I know that i keep calling them names, but really they are fun to be around most of the time. It reminds me of how I used to feel when I was their age.

Well, i will update more later. Everyone have a nice Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So Monday night me and the hubby went and watched Joss Whedon's "Serenity". Let me tell you that it was AWESOME! I absolutely loved it. It was actually one of the few movies that I could sit down and watch the whole thing without taking my eyes off the screen once. For those of you who have not watched the series, I highly suggest that you go out and buy the whole season on DVD. There was only one season of it. If I remember correctly it isn't too expensive to buy. Then after you watch the series, go see the movie. Reason being, because it will help you understand some of the movie.

I was really surprised with how the movie ended. For those of you who have seen the movie you will understand what I mean. I actually cried during a couple of parts because I just couldn't believe what happened. I am glad that we finally figure out the whole situation with River though. Part of my theory on her was correct but not completely. And let me tell you that Reevers are like the scariest looking things ever! All I have to say is that the movie was absolutely wonderful and everyone should go and see it. Also I would like to say... "Oh Buddah, I would like a dollie." -For those of you who have seen the movie you will understand that as well!

I will probably post more later. Right now I am watching my niece! So I got to get going! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Site

Just wanted to let everyone know that i have started another blogsite. You can visit by clicking here. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

Well today is me and Michelle's birthday. Go over to Michelle's site and wish her a happy birthday when you get a chance.

Yes, me and michelle were born on the same day but, no, we are not twins. For those of you wondering, we are two years apart in age. I am now 23 and michelle is now 21.

Today is kind of a sad day as well. I wish michelle could be home to celebrate her birthday with me. However, she did call. She called me at 10:48 and we talked until 11:20. So a good 30 minute conversation. I sang happy birthday to her and then she sang to me. It was kind of funny. I miss her being home. This is the third birthday she has not been at home for. The third birthday in a row. The first one she was in Basic Training and the next two were spent in Iraq. I was okay with her not being home for her birthday when she was in Basic Training. I knew that she was safe and sound and sort of enjoying her birthday while there. Eventhough she might have had to do some push ups and maybe run a little. However, I know that missing another birthday because she is in Iraq has to be hard on her as well. I know she wants to be home to celebrate and it just makes me sad that she is in a not so friendly place on her birthday.

When we talked on the phone she seemed to be doing okay. She said that she was swimming at the pool, eating hotdogs with sourkraut on them, and eating Baskin Robbins. She also said she got a bit of a suntan and that she hasn't had to buy anything because everyone has been buying stuff for her. So okay, maybe I don't feel too bad for her because the pool at my apartment complex is CLOSED, and it really isn't all that sunny/warm out, and I don't have any Baskin Robbins to eat. But I still miss her bunches and just hope that she has a wonderful birthday. I really wish that she could be home to share in this occasion with me. I especially am sad because it is her 21st birthday and she should be home doing what most just-turned-21-years-old people do. But I promised her that when she gets home we will definetly have to go out for that 21st birthday drink. (Ignore that comment mom)!

So we had a nice conversation and it was just nice to hear her voice. She sounded really good and really rested.

Tonight me and the hubby are going to watch "Serenity"! I have wanted to see that movie since I saw previews for it. Yesterday we went to the Olive Garden with the hubby's parents, sister, nephew, uncle and my mom. Yes, I had my mom tag along. It was just a nice day. So tonight is movie night, the hubby skipped worked in order to stay home with me on my birthday. Don't freak out though because he is still getting paid for the day because he is supposed to be working on flyers for work. So they said that they would still pay him for the day as long as he got the flyers done. So that is good thing.

So all around the birthday has been pretty good. Got to talk to michelle, the hubby skipped work to stay home with me, my mom called and wished me a happy birthday, michelle's boyfriend tony called to wish me happy birthday, I am going to go see Serenity, I talked michelle in to wanting a kitten for her birthday, and I am getting paid for it because I on VACATION!!!

I want to thank everyone who has already left me birthday messages (if you leave me one later i will add you to the list):
A Military Mom
My mom
Erik Holtan
Stacy Lee (Keep My Soldier Safe)
The Mudville Gazette (under supporting the troops...or not) (who will also be added to my blogroll)
Righty in a Lefty State
Basil's Blog
Thank you all so much. Now I have to go clean the house! Yes, I am cleaning house on my birthday because right now I am bored out of my mind!

(Oh and the hubby/brother-in-law says Happy Birthday Punk!) And Gracie sends you a Meow Meow Meow which in kitty talk means HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Real quick

This might be the shortest post that you ever get from me. Everything went splendid with my mom, my sister, and my niece. I got some cool new cloths and had fun! I just wanted to let you guys know that everything went a okay. I will update more, probably tomorrow. I got to get my Sunday School lesson done now. I have no clue what the kids are learning tomorrow. So I figure I better get started on it now at 9 at night! See you all tomorrow!

Good Morning Everyone

Well, it is Saturday and I finally have a weekend off. Only because I am taking vacation but still, it is nice to have a weekend off. Five whole days to do whatever I want and not have to worry about doing it in time to go to work! SWEET!

Wish me luck today! I am going shopping with my mom, my older sister Amber and my niece Alexis. It should be fun. But like I said in the previous post, my mom might kill me for comments made on her site. It is bad enough that I skipped out on her Wednesday and made her take care of the demon spawn at AWANA's all by herself! I still owe her for that. I just wasn't able to make it Wednesday. Now she knows how I felt the first Wednesday of AWANA's when she decided that she would convienetly be out of town that day! So pthhhh to her! But I do owe her some chocolate or something because she did have to put up with one particuarly difficult demon spawn that night. There is just this one kid that doesn't seem to care what he says or how he says it. He is just out to make everyone miserable. Hopefully he will get better though. He actually told me the first night that he wanted nothing to do with me and that he hated me. Now, don't get me wrong I wasn't too terrible upset by this comment because I was hoping that maybe he wouldn't come back. However, it is church and I should really try to get along with him. I just don't know what to do. He has some form of ADD and that tends to make things a little difficult for all of us. The rest of the kids are just fine. Except for the two the egg this kid on. I actually enjoy working with kids and everything but it just seems like the three and four year olds listen better then the JV. No one wanted to teach this class and that is how I got stuck with it. I felt bad because everyone was backing out on the Pastor. So I decided to suck it up and teach the JV. Well, now I am starting to understand why the rest of the adults quit. It is a battle every Wednesday with this boy. I just don't know what to do. If he doesn't get his way then he is a bear for the rest of the evening. When he listens he is wonderful. But that is only for like the first five minutes of AWANA's. Then we start game time and tell him or anyone else something and he take offense to it somehow. The other Wednesday we just told him to put his shoes on a get ready to go inside because we were running late for devotion time. This prompted a conversation about how he now knew how the Hebrews felt when they were sold to the Egyptians. I just told the kid to put his shoes on, dang. It wasn't like I made him dig a trench. So for the rest of the evening he just kept telling me and my mom that we were horrible slave drivers and whatnot. GRRR! So I guess I owe my mom big time for putting up with them Wednesday. Okay rant over....

Well, i got to finish getting ready. I will post more when I get home. Everyone have a wonderful Saturday. Pray that my mom doesn't beat me too bad! LOL!